"It's only the apocalypse." Blake mumbled to herself. Ashton must have heard her because he turned over his shoulder as he was reloading his amo.
"No," He replied, dead serious. "It's only the beginning."


1. The beginning

A TV playing the news in the front room is on. A scared family crowded around each other in blankets with only the light of a lantern and the tv in the whole house.

"Northwestern community hospital is where this supposed 'zombie apocalypse' has begun. Our specialist on the zombies says it may have started in a diagnosis that was supposed to cure a disease unknown but as harmful as the Black Plague. They called this disease X. However, one certain chemical in the diagnosis may have turned a patient into an undead flesh eating monster." The news reporter says with a fake smile on her face.

'What a way to keep everyone positive.' I thought to myself. 'We already know that people are dying, we all know that smile is fake, and we certainly know that your being paid a crap load of money to report the news. At least it's better then that Kardashian crap you normally report about.' I blow my black side bangs out of her hair as I pull my legs to my chest.

"You all right, Blake?" My best friend Tate asked, smiling in spite of everything that was going on.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Thanks." Blake replied and returned Tate's smile with a half hearted smile. Tat nodded and put a comforting arm around me. He was always there when I needed him and I liked that. It was so last minute that I had asked him to come over, even though he lived a block away from my house, it was dangerous to be outside. He even rode his bike here! I rested my head in the crook of his neck and closed my eyes. He rubbed my back in a comforting way as he watches the tv intently.

"They are now calling this first patient infected 'patient zero.'" The reporter continued. She then touched her ear, where her ear piece must be, and her face seemed to have gone pale. "It now seems disease X has spreader through the hospital. Patient Zero has passed on the disease to another patient.." She keeps her hand on her ear, listening for more information. "Now, approximately 9% of the hospital is infected, or so my colleague Andrea says." Blake opens her eye to look at the screen. A big red warning sign flashes on the TV and there is a small red box at the bottom of it, keeping everyone updated on how many are infected. 9% increases to 18% 18% increases to 25. The numbers seem to be moving up rapidly. I feel Tate's arms wraps tigger around me and I look up at him. His face has a worried expression. He never has that expression. My parents held each other as well. They looked almost in tears.

80 percent.

On the TV, we now see the reporter being motioned into a van as a dis formed figure walks out of the hospital. It slouches and makes inhuman noises as it walks out. Scared people rush to their cars, but the patient grabs one and spreads the disease on. My father is now standing over us and gulps.

"I know I never let Tate alone in a room with you upstairs, but I want you both to go upstairs and into the safe room I put behind the clothes in your closet." He tosses me a key and I quickly catch it. Safe room? In my closet? I had no clue what he was talking about, but I was so shocked I just nodded. He looks down at me and helps me up. Before I can ask what he was talking about, he hugged me tightly. He kissed my forehead. My mom soon got up and did the same thing.

"Stay strong for us." She says and hugs me one last time before she sends me and Tate up. I hear a pounding at the door and for the first time in my life, I am scared and don't know what to do or what my dad is talking about. As I stare at the door dumbfounded and worried sick, Tate grabs my hand and pulls me upstairs. The last thing I see is my mom nodding to my dad and pulling a knife from her pocket. My father does the same and they inch to the door. He opens the door and a swarm of patients flock in. Dad and mom knife them in the forehead, the gut, the leg, the arm, and so on.... But there was too many and the weight of the undead patients pushes them to the ground. I watch them bite and tear my parents limb for limb. I'm about to scream but Tate covers my mouth and pulls me to my room. We enter my closet not knowing what to do when I remember my dad saying something about a door behind my clothes. I move the clothes and hold out the key that was in my clutched hand. I slide it in the lock and unlock the door I never knew was there. At first, all I see is darkness, but then lights turn on and Tate and I walk in. I guess I should have paid more attention to my father when he said he was always prepared. Now I knew what he meant. Now I knew he was gone. I never thought I didn't know the true meaning of death, but once someone you love dies, it all seems to process. I drop to my knees as Tate shuts the door and sob into my hands. He kneels by me and wraps his arms around my waist.

I can't believe this happened.

I can't believe they are gone.

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