"It's only the apocalypse." Blake mumbled to herself. Ashton must have heard her because he turned over his shoulder as he was reloading his amo.
"No," He replied, dead serious. "It's only the beginning."


2. Chapter One

Tate holds my hand as we walk down the street of what we used to call home. Three months have gone by since the outbreak of Disease X. I am no longer as scared as I uses to be, but Tate is still very overprotective. He asks me every night how I feel and how I am processing everything. It's been three months as I said earlier, but the same question comes up everyday. It's starting to get annoying. We also have spent those three months looking for Tate's younger brother, Ellis. I think to myself that he may be dead by now, but Tate doesn't give up hope. He always tells me Ellis is a good shot. I pull my Ak 47 off my back and let go of Tate's hand. I poke a dead zombie, as we are now calling them, with the nose of my gun and hear some goo rush from its side. It's definitely not blood, as we discovered, so we call it goo.

"Do you think your brother is still at your house?" I ask. It should have been the first place we looked, but we didn't. How could we have been so blind?

Tate blinks and nods. "He probably has his old rifle out, sitting on a throne of amo crowning those damn things." He replies smiling slightly. I just nod and keep the Ak 47 in front of me.

"Then let's check your home."

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