Secrets Of A Wedding

The setting takes place before and during Alexa Vega & Carlos Pena's wedding & follows the love/hate relationship of Kalel Cullen and James Maslow.


6. Chapter 6: Forgive, Forget, & Live Happily Ever After

It was now time for the wedding. James and Kalel were the first to walk together. But when everyone lined up, James wasn't by her side. She was curious but knew she needed to focus.

Kalel began to walk down the aisle, when James ran to the front where Carlos was standing.

"Kalel." James said.

Kalel fake smiled as she began walking faster down the aisle to reach James, through her teeth she said, "Heh what the hell are you doing?"

She was now standing in front of him.

"Kalel I'm sorry. I want things to work between us so bad. I know I made a mistake and I've made them before. And I can practically guarantee I'll make millions more if I'm with you, but at least we'd be together. Thats all I want. Please if you can't take me back, at least forgive me. That way I can live happy knowing I didn't walk away hurting you." James said sincerely.

"Oh come on forgive him! Take him back too, he's cute!" A women said from the chairs.

"Mom?" James said, face flushed with embarrassment.

Kalel giggled.

"Yeah!" Someone else yelled.

"Yeah forgive him, cause you know you're not interrupting my marriage or anything." Carlos teased.

"You're lucky you're cute." Kalel said and hugged him.

"Shall we?" James asked.

"We shall." Kalel said and intertwined her arm with his and walked to their separate sides.

Eventually Alexa walked down the aisle and married Carlos happily.

*At the reception.*

*Kalel and James slow dancing.*

"Can I tell you something?" Kalel said as she lifted her head up from James's chest.

"Anything." He smiled.

"I love you, I never stopped." Kalel said.

"Good, then I wasn't the only one." James smiled and kissed her.

-The end-

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