Secrets Of A Wedding

The setting takes place before and during Alexa Vega & Carlos Pena's wedding & follows the love/hate relationship of Kalel Cullen and James Maslow.


5. Chapter 5: Simple Misunderstandings

As Kalel finished putting her makeup on she snuck out of the bridesmaids dressing room and into the hallway between the groomsmen's dressing room.

"Ja-" She began to say, but stopped when she noticed there was a blonde headed girl talking to him.

The girl had her hands all over him, touching his neck and his chest.

"You're so handsome." The girl said.

James just smiled.

"I knew it was to good to be true." Kalel said choking back her tears. She ran to the door and slammed it behind her.

"Kalel!" James said and pushed the girl away and ran after her.

He opened the door and ran in.

"Um you can't be in here." A bridesmaid said.

"You can't be in here! None if you, get out." James demanded.

"Excuse me?" Alexa said.

"Alexa I have to talk to Kalel alone ok, please get them out of here." He begged.

"Okay...EVERYBODY OUT." She said and pointed.

They rolled their eyes and went into the hallway.

"Um..?" James said, hinting for Alexa to leave as well.

"Uh uh I'm staying." Alexa said.

"Fine. Kalel?" James said.

"Please just go away." Kalel said.

"Kalel it wasn't what it looked like." James said.

"Oh so she wasn't complimenting you and touching you? And you weren't just standing there letting her?" Kalel questioned.

"Okay, I'll admit I was. But I didn't know what to do honestly." James said.

"Do you even know her?" Kalel asked.

"Yeah...She's my ex girlfriend." James sighed.

"Heh woops, gotta go." Alexa headed for the door.

Kalel ran towards it and closed it and moved in front of Alexa.

"You invited his ex girlfriend?!" Kalel said angry.

"Guilty as charged..." Alexa said.

"Why?!" Kalel asked.

"I've been friends with Halston since I met Carlos and the guys...Carlos brought me on tour last summer and Halston showed up to a few dates. We became friends since we were around each other so much. I knew it'd bother you if I made her a bridesmaid so I didn't, and invited her as a guest instead." Alexa explained.

"She means nothing to me Kalel." James said.

"And you mean nothing to me. We're not together. I shouldn't have feelings for you anyways." Kalel said and walked out the door.

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