Secrets Of A Wedding

The setting takes place before and during Alexa Vega & Carlos Pena's wedding & follows the love/hate relationship of Kalel Cullen and James Maslow.


4. Chapter 4: Gossip Girl

*At the church, in the brides dressing area.*

The door slams open and Kalel comes hoping through trying to put on her other high heel.

Alexa immediately turns around to look.

"KALEL!" She yells.

"Oh my god please don't hate me!" Kalel begs.

"Where have you been?!" Alexa says frustrated.

"I'm sorry I'm late-" Kalel begins to say.

"Last night you said you were tired and you left the club early, I expected you to go back to the hotel and go to sleep." Alexa said.

Kalel looked around at the bridesmaids and then pulled Alexa to the side.

"Well I was, but I ended up taking a cab home with James and kind of went back to his hotel room and kind of slept with him.." Kalel said as she mumbled the last part.

"YOU SLEPT WITH HIM?!" Alexa screamed.

Kalel grabbed her arm, "SHH! Yes okay, I slept with him."

Alexa giggled, "You're lucky that I wanted you guys to get back together, cause if it weren't for you being with James last night I would of never forgiven you."

"Well thank god for James." Kalel winked.

"Oh be quiet and put your makeup on." Alexa said.

"I have my makeup on?" Kalel said confused.

"Not good enough, I can still see that hickey on your neck!" Alexa teased and slapped her neck.

Kalel turned tomato red with embarrassment and began to apply more makeup to her neck.

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