Secrets Of A Wedding

The setting takes place before and during Alexa Vega & Carlos Pena's wedding & follows the love/hate relationship of Kalel Cullen and James Maslow.


1. Chapter 1: Partners

"Sooo..." Alexa said.

"Sooo?" Kalel asked.

"Lets talk aisle partners." Alexa said giddy.

"Ugh how did I know it would come to this?" Kalel said unhapply.

"Come on." Alexa begged.

"Okay, who's my partner?" Kalel asked.

"Well, not Logan because he's my sisters partner...And definitely not Kendall, he's too scrawny for you. That leaves you with...James!" Alexa exclaimed.

"I-I dont know.." Kalel hesitated.

"Please? For me? Besides you still have a crush on him, it'll be perfect!" Alexa said.

"I don't have a crush on him! And okay, I'll do it. Only because you're my best friend." She half smiled.

"Thank god! I was hoping you didn't get over him yet..." Alexa said.

"And why is that?" Kalel asked suspicious.

"Because I kind of already told him you'd be his partner.." Alexa said guilty.

"I should of known. Typical Vega for ya." Kalel rolled her eyes.

"Okay well James was the one who asked ME if I could pair you two together. Obviously he wants something to happen between you guys. He wants to try again, just give him a chance?" Alexa asked.

"I didn't agree to a relationship, I agreed to be his partner and thats all." Kalel said angry.

"Okay well just try to act friendly, talk to him so its not awkward when you two walk down the aisle along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. You guys are most important, you're my maid of honor and he's Carlos's best man. I need this to work." Alexa said sternly.

"Yeah of course, anything for you." Kalel smiled and hugged her.

"Okay! So you know how the night before the wedding the bride and her girls do their thing while the groom and his guys do theirs?" Alexa asked.

"Yeah?" Kalel said.

"Well I'm not doing that. Instead, tomorrow night we're all going out as a group. I want to have a wild crazy night with my future husband and all our friends." Alexa said.

"Sounds fine to me, I mean this is your wedding." Kalel said.

"And it also gives you and James time to talk and hangout before the big day." Alexa said.

"Yeah, for sure." Kalel said annoyed.

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