One Choice Can Transform You

My name is Gretchen. I was born in Amity. I do not belong in Amity. I honestly don't know where I belong. My brother, Robby knows exactly what to choose, I know it's obvious and he knows it's obvious, but my faction? Not so clear. I can only pick one though, but one choice can transform you


3. Choosing Ceremony

I wake up early, I put on my favorite outfit which is a red dress. I don't do red and yellow, those are two colors that should not mix. As I walk in to the hall of our house I start to notice things I have never noticed before. There is a dent in the wall across from my room where I would have gotten out of bed quickly and forgot there was a wall. There is a long scratch in the wall that Robby made with scissors. Crayon marks. Chipped wood. Stains in the white carpet. I will miss this place.

When I walk down stairs I see Robby is already seated at the table. My mom made us strawberry pancakes, which are my all time favorite. I eat them but my throat is so dry I think I might choke. Robby gives me a reassuring look and I give him a small, small, small smile back.

"Gretchen, Robby, let's go!" My mom yells from the front door, I slip on some converse and stand by my mom. "We are taking the trucks to town." I just nod. We walk out the front door and head to the trucks. One of the things I did like about Amity is the riding in the trucks, I love the feeling of the wind in my long brown hair and my pale skin. I hop over the back of the truck and situate myself next to Robby. I rest my head on his shoulder. As we start to drive I close my eyes and feel the wind, this might be the last time. The last time. Those words keep replaying themselves in my head.

We reach the hub and I hop out of the truck watching the Dauntless jump from the train. That would be fun. Me and Robby hold hands on the way in, which might be dumb but for all I know I may never see him again.we take our seats in Amity and I look around. I think it is beautiful how the colors are arranged around the bowls in the middle. They are separated but yet all a whole. It's a beautiful thing, and there is the Amity talking in me. I stick out my tongue, laughing at the thought and Robby gives me a funny look.

I watch kids walk up one by one, these were kids from school, kids I have seen everyday, was it sad I couldn't tell you ones name to save my life! "Jacob Miller!" Hey I can tell you ones! Jacob Miller. Okay, Gretchen you are really goofy today! I tell myself, it is probably just nervous energy.

"Gretchen Sobek." The man up front calls. I gulp, to loudly. As I walk up Robby squeezes my hand, I smile at him but blink back tears at the same time.

When I reach the podium, I take the silver knife. I slice my palm watching the blood make a little pool. I walk over to Dauntless sizzling coals, I take a look back at Amity's green grass. I don't what to go, I walk back over to Amity, slowly but surely, my blood is about to drip. I hold it out as I walk as if reaching. Suddenly a drop falls, I look down to see it spread over Candor's Glass. How does that even happen. Candor roars with excitement. In the choosing ceremony, there of no changing, no backsies. I am stuck in Candor. I look over to my parents and mouth "I will explain" and take my seat next to a short girl with Lon blonde hair and eyes the color of the moon.

"Hello." She says her voice very monotone. I smile watching Robby walk up to the front of the room out of the corner of my eyes. He walks up to the stones of Abnegation as I greet the girl back. I have to give her my full attention for a moment because she asked me a question multiple times and I didn't listen. Suddenly the crowd of Candor goes wild. Then so does Amity, and Abgenation, Dauntless, and Erudite. Them everything goes silent. I turn around to see a new dot of blood in every bowl.

"I am Divergent!" He yells. "I could be in every faction. But you kill people for that." He stands on the stage and smiles at the crowd but his eyes wander to me. I can tell he is scared. They will kill him. My eyes start to tear up. "For you!" He yells, the crowd might think he is talking to them but I know he is talking to me. Three guards run up to the stage and grab him. I look at him until he is gone. They can't kill him. He is valuable I hope. I just need to get him back.

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