One Choice Can Transform You

My name is Gretchen. I was born in Amity. I do not belong in Amity. I honestly don't know where I belong. My brother, Robby knows exactly what to choose, I know it's obvious and he knows it's obvious, but my faction? Not so clear. I can only pick one though, but one choice can transform you


4. Candor

The girl that was sitting next to me's name was Susanna, but she goes by Sanna. We walked in silence for a while, tears were burning my face. "That was your brother?" Sanna asks. I nod and she gives me a hug. I think it is funny how you know someone for 5 minutes but sometimes you go throughout so much together it feels like an eternity. As we walk to the Candor building she introduces me to another guy from her faction. He seemed nice but I wasn't paying much attention to him besides that his name was Oliver.

When we arrived they showed us to our rooms. There were a few and we had to group up in groups of 4 to share a room. I went with Sanna and Oliver. They also grabed another girl named Colby and we got assigned the first room on the right. 

As we unpacked I watched Oliver unpck his millions of electronics. There was two sets of bunk beds. Me and Colby shared one and Sanna and Oliver shared the other. We also all got a desk and a dresser. I could honestly (already a Candor I see...) see me living here forever. I put all my clothes in my dresser. That was a pair of jeans, a pair of pajama pants and some tshirts. I had some things to put on my desk though. I had a picture of me and Robby two days before the ceremony. I had a porcelain doll my mom had given me when I was 6. I wanted to be an archetect, even though I'm not sure they hire people for that anymore, so I had graph paper, crayons, pencils, protractors, and practically anything else you could ever need for that job. Soon we were all settled.

"Let's sit in a circle and share about ourselves!" Sanna said. Yay, I thought, this'll be stupid. "Lets start with our names, I'm Susanna but call me Sanna because Susanna is like the stupidest name I have ever heard." Next was Oliver's turn.

"I'm Oliver." He said and waved. Then it was my turn, this was really awkward.

"I'm Gretchen..." Colby's looked at me, eyes wild.

"SOBEK!" The practically screamed with amazement. I nodded. "They took your brother!" Thanks Colby! I thought, bring that up again. Now she looked at me with pity. "That was amazing what he did up there... I thought about doing something like that but I was scared."

"You're ......" I mouthed the word Divergent. She nodded solemnly. "Okay well moving on around the circle..." I tried to sound cheerful. Colby put in a smile.

"I'm Colby." We all looked at Sanna for the next question.

"What faction are you from and what did you get for the..." Her voice dropped. "Aptitude test?" Oliver went first this time.

"I am from Erudite, and I got Erudite..." His voice sounded sad, I wanted to ask why he moved but Colby beat me to it. "It was my mother, she was crazy and made me do everything for her. Everything." With that happy note I went.

"I am from Amity." I made barfing noises and pretended to get sick all over the place. "And I got Dauntless and Amity and I accidentally picked Candor... COMPLETE ACCIDENT!" I added because of the looks on their faces.

"I am Candor through and through." Colby said. And then it was Sanna's turn. She didn't talk for a whole just sat there looking around. I think she was deciding whether to trust us or not.

"I am Erudite born and I didn't fit any of the categories." We looked at her and she must have known what we were thinking. "None at all." We were about to continue when a girl I had seen walk into one if the rooms down the hall poked her head in and said that it was time for dinner,

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