One Choice Can Transform You

My name is Gretchen. I was born in Amity. I do not belong in Amity. I honestly don't know where I belong. My brother, Robby knows exactly what to choose, I know it's obvious and he knows it's obvious, but my faction? Not so clear. I can only pick one though, but one choice can transform you


2. Aptitude Test

This year in school, they focused so much on our choosing I think we learned less other stuff. Which is okay with me, but it didn't help me know what to choose. The only thing I can hope for now is that my aptitude test don't say Amity. Or Abnegation. I know they won't say Candor. Who knows?

"Robby Sobek." A lady calls. That means I am next. I take a deep breathe... This should be easy!

"Gretchen Sobek." The man three doors down calls. I walk to him numbly. Of course this isn't easy it just decides the rest of my life. I take a deep breathe, no that's tomorrow. "Gretchen... Sobek it is? I gave your mom the aptitude test." He smiles to himself, or at least I hope it was to himself otherwise I looked completely rude. "Okay, I am going to take off your glasses and put these on your head to measure your heartbeat." I give him a smile, indicating to move on.

He holds up a giant syringe. I gulp, needles are one of my biggest fears. He walks over to me and I feel like I am in a horror movie, he is the evil scientist.

Before it starts, it is all over. My vision starts to fade on the inside of my eye moving out. I stand in a room. On one table lays a piece of cheese and on the other a knife.

"Choose one." A voice says as if on a invisible intercom. I jump. I walk over to the tables, maybe I should choose the cheese? What if I starve to death! But what if I get attacked, then I need the knife. I sigh assuming it isn't this hard for anyone but me. I grab the knife. Safety first I think and a grin spreads across my face.

A dog appears, it's teeth bared. I can't kill it! I jump to the side as it about takes off my leg. I reach my hand at forming a fist. My mom taught me that if you ever meet a dog to stick your hand out in a fist so it can smell your scent but not bite your fingers. It smells my hand suddenly turning into a cute dog that wouldn't hurt a fly, or so I think.

I look up and see a young girl... a young me! And the dog starts to run after it barking. I run after it and jump in front of the girl. The dog is about to hurt me when the scene changes.

Now I am in a field, I look around and see a young boy crying on the ground. I walk over to him.

"What's wrong?" I ask in a comforting voice. He looks at me, face wet with tears.

"I can't find my mommy." Soon his face is soaked with tears. I lift him up on my shoulders and walk towards town. When we get there I look around, there is one lady in the ground. She looks dead but right when I think that she starts to move. I see a man walk up to her and point a gun to her head. I scream and the boy starts to wail.

"No! Mommy! No!" I realize that's his mom. I set the boy down.

"Stay right here, no matter what happens. Okay?" He opens his mouth to say no, tears still pouring out of his eyes, but he closes it and nods.

I walk over to the man and punch him hard in the head unexpectedly. He aims the gun at me but I dodge the bullet, the lady on the ground is sobbing. GET UP! MOVE! I scream in my head but words are not coming out. I run at the man and start to fight just as the picture fades back to the testing room.

i look at the man who tested me with crazed eyes. "Is the woman okay?" I ask, he nods. My heart jumps. "What about the boy?" He nods again.

"It was just a simulation, Gretchen." He gives me a comforting smile. "Now for your results!" But I don't care about my results, that boy looked so familiar, almost like a old friend. He takes out a clipboard and his eyes fall on what I assume is my name.

"There must be something wrong with the test!" He says, more to himself than me. "That's impossible, to get two factions... Not to mention that hey are complete opposites!" He looks up his eyes tell me that this is bad but his smile tells me to stay calm. "You are Amity and Dauntless." He sighs. "Dauntless for attacking the man and Amity for helping both the little girl and boy." He looks at me.

"What do I choose then? This test was supposed to tell me what to choose!" I say, I probably sound mad because I am.

"You choose whatever you would like." He says a little bit to cheesy. "But remember Gretchen. One choice can transform you." I walk out of the room with out looking back

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