My dream come true!!


4. who's Niall

Nails pov

"Alright boys the sound check is over and u may leave" Dan said "kk" all of us boys said laughing "well me an Liam are going now" I said " where " Harry screamed still laughing " to the orphanage" "oh have u thought about which age and gender u wanna adopt" Harry spat threw his teeth " yes actually , I want a little girl between ages 8-10 so ya I have thought Harry " I said with a little sas in my voice

Harry's pov

Niall did not just sas me like really whatever "well Niall can I come" "and me" Louis added in "I'm sorry neither of u can u see we already met the girl we want and don't want to scare her away and let's face it u two are loud!!!"

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