I Shall Never

This is a story of two fourteen yearolds who have grown up together but just now realized that Maggie the stronger character likes Aron the smaller girl.


7. The Nights Rain

When we go home it started raining really bad Aron was asleep in the car I woke her up around wake up I said she jumped up what she said yawning there was a crack of thunder she screamed and latched onto me Aron come on we have.to get in the house I said carry me she said I smiled and picked her up by the time we reached the door we were soaked I walked up the stairs carefully and i put her on the bed i smiled as i saw lighting then thunder she held onto me again i patted her head that hasnt changed has it i asked her she nodded i started to walk in the bathroom but aron didnt let go where are you going she asked holding my hand tightly to take a hot shower i dont want to get sick i said okay she said and let my hand go but latched onto me again when lighting struck the house the lights went out please dont leave me she said i hugged her lets set some candals after that headed to bathroom and ran a shower aron followed and watched me um do you want to take a shower with me i asked yes she said and undressed i couldnt see much we only had one candal so that was good we we finished I laid in bed with my PJ's on I laid next to Aron she huddled up to me Maggie who was those girls she asked my friends I said she looked at me so you kiss your friends she asked um yeah I said a little hesitatent then how come you don't kiss me she asked I laughed you never wanted me to I said she shrugged and I never said I didn't eighther she said I smiled and kissed her head there that's your kiss I said that's all I'm your best friend and that's all you give me she said I shall never reveal what I have hidden for so long I said she held my hand what have thee hidden for so long she asked I smiled my skills I can never waist them on such unskilled lips I said whatever she said I smiled you are my best friend though and I do love you I said she hugged me I know you do she said so why did you ask me about those girls I asked she shrugged were you jealous I asked her no she said I smiled I was of that Guy he ruined you tasty lips I said she laughed your so weird she said I got over her I can show you weird I said as the lighting struckvand thunder crackled she jumped a little and what is that she asked I have the power to give you tour tasty lips back I said she laughed how so she asked I smiled and lowered and pinned her arms right above her head and kissed her slowly and deeply a jolt went through my body I let go of her arms and raised up she stared at me I stared back her and kissed her again when I rose back up she grabbed my marble blue necklace that clung to my neck a little she pulled me down and kissed me then I knew she wanted the same thing I did we sped up the kissing thunder passed by many times but she didn't jump I think she was to distracted she let go of my necklace was that worthy of your skill she asked I smiled and kissed her I'm sorry for saying I shall never. Aron jumped in bed beside me my phone bleeped I looked at it hey it said who is this I asked and hit send I pit my phone down as Aron wrapped her arms around me digging her face in my shirt my phone bleeped I picked it up its Trinity it said oh I'm sorry I didn't recognized the number I sent back I stroked arons hair Maggie she said yeah I asked what who was those girls at skating she asked bleep my phone went I checked it its okay do you like the storm I smiled yeah I replied Ans sent one candal in there so that was good we took a quick shower and got dressed i played my bass clarinet to pass the in while aron listened your still in band she asked i modded then i me .said
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