I Shall Never

This is a story of two fourteen yearolds who have grown up together but just now realized that Maggie the stronger character likes Aron the smaller girl.


6. skating and dares

Once my father dropped us off at the skating rink we sat on the railings waiting for sketter,mal,Presley,andlesly to show when they did we stayed outside for a bit then walked in we sat and talked to some people making new friends and enemies by stupidity we ended up getting all soaked from a water bottle being dumped on each other and surprisingly we didn't get in trouble later we found this one guy who was flirting with aron i got kinda pissed so i threw him in a garbage can but no one seemed to mind later that guy came back as we played this one game where if a bottle lands on you then another person you have to kiss them it was me and lesly she was a.good kisser then sketter and that one guy that i dont care about then aron and presly i didnt mind that for some reason then for our last spin it hit me and aron bit i refused so that guy took my place and by the look of arons face she didnt like it i pushed the guy away from her he looked irrotated i smiled and pulled aron up im sorry i said she shrugged its okay i dont want him she said i sighed and continued walking we played truth or dare that went on for a while but one stood out the most i was dared to ask a random hot girl for her number and give her a kiss when i found my target i walked ober to her hey i said she smiled hi she said i looked at her friends watching me on a scale one to ten how much of a chance wpuld i have to get your numbers i asked the main girl said eight i pointed to the other girl five she said i smiled okay and you i asked she thought two she said i looked at her why i asked one you are a girl two i dont go for girls she said hey i just wanted your number i said she frowned for what reason i looked at my friends stupid dares i said she smiled here she said writing her number on my arm i smiled why i asked i know friends she said i nodded and got the other two numbers then i whispered in the girl who gave me an eight that i also have to kiss one of you she told the others i know im sorry its just a dare though i like someone else i said the main girl whose name was arial kissed me i cpuld hear my friends start talking then the other girl who seemed a little intrested whose name was donnie kissed me quickly then the girl who gave me a rough time in the biggining who was trinity pulled me in and kissed me some how her toung was in my mouth playing with mine this girl was weird bit in a good way she leaned me into the corner and kissed me somemore how about we date for tonight she said i nodded and took her hand in.mine i was a little taller than her she had blond hair and hazel eyes she was exy while i was a hot mess like my father trinity and her friends were all over me that night and i even got a few looks out of random boys it was cool i have three hot girls on me soon it was time to leave the girls asked for my number to make sure if i didnt text them they would text me so i gave them it trinity smiled and hugfed me before i headed to the car with my father in it did you do this as a one night thing i asked her she smiled and kissed me on the lips trust me if this was a one night thing i wouldnt have given you my number i smiled and looked over at aron a few feet away okay i said and gave her a hug which followed by one last kiss then me and aron walked to the car so how was your night my father asked i smiled better than the rest i said trying to be cool abput itwho
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