I Shall Never

This is a story of two fourteen yearolds who have grown up together but just now realized that Maggie the stronger character likes Aron the smaller girl.


2. School Day

When I entered the falcon middle school doors I found Tye and we walked to the cafeteria I was the popular kid but I didn't let it get to my head I also was in eighth grade so I really didn't care if I was a good girl anymore. When I saw Aron walk in the cafeteria doors I instantly left Tye and walked over to Aron I was wearing a black hoodie with black basketball shorts I had my gothicy bangs covering my eyeglasses I had black low top converses and orange and black wristbands hey blue bird I said she looked up and smiled I walked with her to the table why are you so sad today I asked I'm just tired of not doing anything on my weekends she said I smiled how about we go skating tonight sense its Friday and tomorrow we will hangout and just go with the flow I said in a funny tone she nodded as we sat down at the table so who is going skating tonight I said they all raised their hands except for Tye I can't in grounded he said ah oh well mabey next Friday I said the bell rung I took Arons hand and baled on the others when the day was finished we sat in the cafeteria
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