I Shall Never

This is a story of two fourteen yearolds who have grown up together but just now realized that Maggie the stronger character likes Aron the smaller girl.


5. In my room

Once I was finished talking to my father I ran upstairs and plopped down on my bed and texted Aron a few hours later she came to my house I was listening to music and writting a story hey Jedi she said I smiled hey I said what are you doing she asked as she sat beside me trying to watch what I was doing writting a story I said what is it about she asked i smiled its about people i said who she asked um this girl named jamie and this other girl named kay i said she smiled so a les story she said yeah is that a prob i asked no i prefer your les stories they are always so romantic she said i smiled so is this a real story or fake she asked its based off of real people i said oh so when did you start this she asked i started it two days ago but ive wanted this story for like years i said she smiled okay but tell me what is the characters created to do she asked i shrugged still writting i turned down the music jamie is a popular kid who everyone wants but she has her heart set on one person who just happends to be her best friend i said and so kay is aron asked i sighed kay is a smalled geekier kid who gets bullied alot but jamie dosnt care jamie still helps her no matter the prob because she loves her and they grew up together i said aron just stayed silent that sounds like us she finally said i smiled well it could and coldnt until you read it i said she smiled and got up you have written enough for now i stood up also and streched i grabbed the remote to the radio and turned it up it played greenday bullivard of broken dreams i grabbed her hand shall thy dance i asked she took my hand and we started to slow damce she kept smiling what i asked i just cant belive we are still doing this i stopped dance what do you mean i asked we did this when we were seven and now we aare fourteen she said i held her face in my hands we are never to old for anything i said she took my hand in hers and looked back at my clock her hands were soft and cold i liked hands like those um jedi she said i came back im reality yes aron i said do you have any clothes i can barrow for skating she asked i pulled my hand out of her and headed to the closet but stopped yes but only if tou strip for me i said walkimg closer to her she.smiled and threw me on the bed whatever asshole she said i sat up yes arom i have clothes for you she smiled
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