The Run Away

Everyone has a rough patch they go through. Karima (car-ee-ma) was longer then most peoples. Things got way to hard and she ran. For day, weeks, and years she ran and hid from everyone. Everyone but HIM.


2. starting fresh..

~~I had to admit, texting him was hilarious, and not as creepy as I thought It'd be. You know other than the fact that I don't know who the fuck I'm talking to. Talking to him made my train ride to Atlanta go a lot faster.

I said a quick goodbye to the goofy boy before locking my phone. I deep sigh came from my mouth and I stepped out of the train car. Cheers to a new beginning!

I put my hood up once more and made my way down the 'dangerous' streets, lined with gang members, a blaring car alarm in the background. I looked up just as a big charter bus came down the street, pulling up at a fancy hotel not to far down. Right as I was passing it came. I covered my ears and ran, not knowing where  I was going at all. I mustve looked like a freak but  so did all the hundreds of screaming girls that had magically appeared within the last two minutes.

Curly brown hair suddenly pooped into the crowd followed by two other brunettes, a black haired guy, and a familiar blond in a snapback and a hoodie. I opened my mouth to say hey before I realized two very important details that would ruin my chance to get his attention: 1) I was supposed to keep the lowest profile possible. 2) No one could possible hear me over the other hundred girls screaming the same name.

I continued on my way until I found the man  I was supposed to meet down the street from the hotel for my next job. I ran my  tongue over my teeth, clearing any left over muffin I had on the train before putting on my signature fake smile.

"Hello, Mr. Simms" I said in the most cheery voice possible. He replied with a hello and a soft smile before leading me towards the hotel. We entered through the back door after showing a big security guard an access key, then went straight to the top  floor.

" We have to share the pent house with my latest project. Hope that's okay?" he mumbled opening the door, revealing five boy not much older than I. None of tem fazed me like I somehow knew they should except one, The shy brunette with dyed blonde hair. "So your rooms the last on the hall, you'll get ready for work right away okay?" Giving a nod I walked off.

Before I continue let me make one thing straight, I am not a prostitute! I am a maid/ baby sitter/ or project manager; depending on the situation. This one I happen to be the secretary of the main man, who is hosting the opening of some boy bands concert. After this I change everything about myself once more before I head on to my next job.

But let me say this was going to be a hard one...

Ugh. What happened to a new beginning?!




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