Just maybe: Liam 2

Squeal to 'Just Maybe: Harry'. Liam tries to get over his past love. But can he handle it?


12. new

Liam's p.o.v

I miss Laura. I just want her to be happy even if that means she wants to be with another guy. I'm walking down the street when a girl says my name.

"Liam?" She looks familiar. "It's me Jill. Laura friend,"

"Oh yeah Jill. Hi," I say giving her a hug.

"How are you?" She asks.

"Good, sorta," I really don't know.

"I don't know what I am any more," she looks to the ground. I had totally forgot that David was Jill's girlfriend at the time.

"Oh that's right. I'm sorry," I really ment it.

"It's fine. Man we have great luck with couples don't we?" She says smiling. She has a nice smile.

"Yeah, totally," I say laughing. This is taking my mind off things. I like it. To be here with someone who knows what I'm going through."want to go get something to eat?"

"Yeah, of course." She says taking my hand leading me the way.

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