Just maybe: Liam 2

Squeal to 'Just Maybe: Harry'. Liam tries to get over his past love. But can he handle it?


8. kisses

Laura's p.o.v

When Im lying in bed that night I'm about to fall asleep when I hear something hit my window. I get up and open the blinds. Liam. He standing there with pebbles in his hand. I open the window.

"What do you want Liam? It's 2 in the morning," I say rubbing my eyes. He pulls out a price of paper.

"Dear Laura, you mean the world to me. I don't think I could ever live without you. You make my heart race a thousand times faster. Your smile lights up my world. Your eyes put stars in my sky. And you voice is my music. I love you," he says putting the paper back into his pocket with a small smile.

"Get up here Liam," I say smiling so big my cheeks hurt. He climbs into the window and gives me a tight hug. " I love you too," I say pulling away.

He leans in kissing me. Biting my lower lip. I push him on the bed.

" Are you sure about this?" He says grinning.

" I think I've never felt so right about something before,"

You can guess what happened then.

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