Just maybe: Liam 2

Squeal to 'Just Maybe: Harry'. Liam tries to get over his past love. But can he handle it?


13. awkward

*a week later*

Laura's p.o.v

I hadn't even missed Liam. And I felt horrible for that. I had a guilty knot in my stomach that would creep up in me once in a while every now and then. David was being an amazing boyfriend. And Jill had forgiven me completely in fact we had just had a sleepover. I knew her and Liam were a thing now but I didn't mind.

"Hey babe," David says placing his lunch tray next to mine and kissing me on the cheek.

"Hi," I say coming back to reality.

"Hi guys," Jill says sitting across from us.

"What's up," I ask looking to both of them.

"Nothing just texting Liam," Jill says glancing at her phone. "You aren't mad at me are you? Because if you are I'll end it here and now," she says reassuring me.

"No. No. Someone else has my thoughts preoccupied," I say looking up at David smiling. I feel his arm wrap around me and I immediately feel safe.

"Better be," he say laughing bending down kissing me on my lips. His lips are soft and gentle. When he kisses me the whole world stops.

"Alright love birds. Keep it pg," Jill says laughing. Then Liam walks through the lunch room doors. What is he doing here? Then I realize he's here to have lunch with Jill. That stings.

Liam's p.o.v

When I walk through the door. Jill comes over giving me a hug. She looks so cute. Then I see Laura. Ouch. How did I forget they were best friends? God. I shouldn't have come. Jill leads me back to the table and sits me down.

"Hi," I say breaking the tension.

"Hey," Laura says and I can see David's grip on her hardens.

Laura's p.o.v

How could this be anymore awkward? My ex and my boyfriend having lunch with my friend dating my ex and I'm dating hers. AWKWARD!!!! I don't know what to say anymore. When I look up Liam is staring at me, all I do is smile and look back to David.

"Who you could literally cut the tension with a knife!!" Jill says laughing."come on guys this doesn't have to be awkward. I mean we're all with the person we want right?"

"Right," we all say at the and time.

"Soooo...." I say trailing off.

"Well I should be heading out," Liam says looking at Jill.

"Okay," she turns to look at him only to go into a full make out session. David wraps his arm around me tighter to reach my hand. I clutch it tight. He must know this makes me uncomfortable. Finally Liam pulls back and gets up.

"Bye guys," he waves to us."bye babe," he say bending down pecking her on the cheek again.


When the final bell rings I kiss David goodbye and say bye to Jill. When I walk through the parking lot looking for my car Liam's there. He must be there for Jill.

"Hey Laura," he says walking over to me.

"Hi," I'm confused why is he talking to me.

"What's up?" Is he seriously trying to start a conversation with me.

"Nothing?" I say trying to enter my car.

"Oh cool,"

"What do you want Liam?"

"Nothing I just-"

"Liam just leave me alone," I interrupt him.

"Why?" He looks confused.

"Really? Are you seriously asking me right now? You just had a full out make out session right in front of me after a week of being apart! Shows how much you cared," I says shouting at him.

"Hey, I did care! And it's not my fault you cheated on me! And what are you talking about you already have a new boyfriend!" He starts to yell to.

"How dare you! At least I have the desenty to not make out with him when your around! And you have a girlfriend too! So don't you dare put all this weight on my shoulders!"

"Hey guys," Jill comes walking over. I immediately snap out of it.

"Hey," I say getting into my car driving off.

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