Adopted by the Tommo

Okay so this is the story of my life, My name is Rose and I am 14 years old, I'm just like any other teenage girl except that im a orphan, my parents died in a school shooting and so I was put up for adaptation. . my life changed when 1D adopted me, the only thing is tht Rose hates 1D


7. New Room

Rose: Since I finished packing and I made my way down the steps I noticed that only Louis was downstairs and the others have left. "Hey Rosalinda, I am Louis and I'm your new dad" I didn't know what to say just then. " Ha, dad.... your joking right?" my face was stunned when I realized he wasn't joking. "well "dad" lets get the show on the road. When we reached a long black limo in front of the building Louis started to speak again. "So Rosalinda. I cut him off. " my name may be Rosalinda but no one calls me that call me Rosie or Rose and if you don't ill make sure One doperaction has one less member.

Louis: dang Rose is quite something, I hope the guys now what they are doing with her new room.


As we reached the house and our Butler, Jeff grabbed Rose Suitcases and Rose grabbed her skateboards we made our way up the stairs all the way to her room

Rose: I mentally screamed when I saw my room I dropped my skateboards right on the floor and jumped right on the bed, and on the hanging chair was the cutest Shih Zu puppy ever. She was chewing on a squeaky toy when I picked her up and she started nipping my finger. "She is so cute, thank you guys for the room I love it and I know what I am going to name this little fur ball." "Everyone meet Chewbacca, Chewy for short"








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