Adopted by the Tommo

Okay so this is the story of my life, My name is Rose and I am 14 years old, I'm just like any other teenage girl except that im a orphan, my parents died in a school shooting and so I was put up for adaptation. . my life changed when 1D adopted me, the only thing is tht Rose hates 1D


8. New Life

Rose: I loved everything about my new life just not the people living with me. I still do not like One Doperaction but they are still good people and very funny, Liam is very caring, Louis is very funny and a great dad, Harry is very cheeky, Niall eats all the food except the ones I have in my mini fridge, and Zayn is very soft but really nice. Other than that I start school today. Going to the 8th grade tomorrow. Starting as Rose Tomlinson and Liam and Danielle decided to adopt a little girl named Liza, she is 3 years and the most adorbs thing every. All of 1D gfs live with us. So Harry and Niall are single. Liam with Dani, Louis with El, and Zayn with Perrie.

As I got out of my blue and white bed and made my bed making sure all the pillows and stuffed animals were neatly on my bed and the hanging chair. Chewy fell asleep on my pillow so I didn't move her. I remember that I needed to get her a new bed, some toys, and food. Right now we just feed her some ground up chicken and beef. As I got dressed in



Louis, I need a drive to school!!!, I yelled

"Lou is still asleep" Eleanor said "so I'll take you too school"

Oh, thanks El,

As we both walked to the car El handed my a little rectangle box

"Lou and I wanted to give this to you".

"Ooooo what is it"

As I opened the box I gave a little shriek

:OMGOSH, you got me a Iphone 5s I love it thanks El.

As I gave her a huge hug. we both stepped into the Lous car

"Well Rose, since I am sort of, kinda your mom, I have to walk you in to your school k"

"UMMMMM okay, im fine with that" I replied to El

As we reached Jeffery C. Still Middle School I stopped and stared at tall the detail on the school. Me and El walked in the school when I heard

"EW whos the new skank"

"she must have cuts or something"

Where did she get those clothes... the city dump

ewwww look at her hair

yeah it looks like a birds nest

her face is hideous.

and that is how I knew I met the popular girls

one cause they a leader and two cause they dressed as sluts and three had guys making goo goo eyes at them.


"Don't worry about them, they are just  bitches" a voice came behind me.

I turned around to face the petite voice. "hey, my names Alexis, but call me Lexi"

Hey Lexi, my name is Rose, but call me Rosie or Rose"

Alexis POV

I started to tell Rose about the popular girls


> Blonde

> Too much makeup

> Slut

> Lost the v at 13> her choice

> leader

> and stary away from her

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