Adopted by the Tommo

Okay so this is the story of my life, My name is Rose and I am 14 years old, I'm just like any other teenage girl except that im a orphan, my parents died in a school shooting and so I was put up for adaptation. . my life changed when 1D adopted me, the only thing is tht Rose hates 1D


9. New Friends

Lexi: short wavy sandy blonde hair, shorter side, 13yrs, fun, loves pink and sparkles, younger brother, spunky, great drawer

Ameilia: swim team, poofy brown black hair, athletic, tall, smart, 13 yrs, younger brother/sister, funny,helpful

Gracie: popular, brown blonde hair, gorgeous, strong, plays guy sports (football, wrestling), great singer, funny, nice, kind of a bitch sometimes

Alyssa: Brown stick straight hair, blue green eyes, funny, medium height, Mexican, fair skin, glasses, very pretty without glasses okay with them on, great at making people laugh and always has a smile on her face



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