Adopted by the Tommo

Okay so this is the story of my life, My name is Rose and I am 14 years old, I'm just like any other teenage girl except that im a orphan, my parents died in a school shooting and so I was put up for adaptation. . my life changed when 1D adopted me, the only thing is tht Rose hates 1D


3. All About Me

"Rosalinda Grace, Come down here this instant"

Curse you Mrs. Rebecca I mumbled under my breathe.


Wait who are you, wellllll I should probably start from the beginning...... Right


Well here is my profile of meeee


Height: 5ft 6in

Weight: 97 pounds

Hair: brown to Blonde, Wavy 

Eyes: Greyish Blue with gold specks

full name: Rosalinda Grace ??????

Style : Skater Chic, Comfy but stylish

Figure: petite

Fav Color: Blue, Gold, Red, White

Weird fact: I like smurfs and hanging chairs

Fav animal is an elephant

I love singing, playing the guitar, and drawing

skateboarding is my passion :D

Birthday : February 14 1999  (Yep Valentines Day)




That is basically all you need to now about me right now. One more thing I am a Orphan. My parents died in a shooting at a School where they worked at.

this is me and my Story



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