Adopted by the Tommo

Okay so this is the story of my life, My name is Rose and I am 14 years old, I'm just like any other teenage girl except that im a orphan, my parents died in a school shooting and so I was put up for adaptation. . my life changed when 1D adopted me, the only thing is tht Rose hates 1D


6. ADOPTED GRRRRRR!!!!!!! >:(

Louis:  Uncle Si told all of us that we had to adapt a girl, not a boy a girl. He gave us a list of what the girl had to be like.


                                           Requirements for the new girl

                                           1) Cannot be a fan

                                           2) Artsy


That is it Simon told us that we had to have a girl that is not a fan and she had to be artsy so she can create our new logo for One Direction. So when we got to the Orphanage we talked to the nice old lady who worked there if she had a girl who could draw really well.

"I have the right girl in mind, Rosalinda please come down"


We talked to the rest of the 13-14 years just to see if any of them could draw.

"Hey Lou, Do you think we could have contest of the best drawer?"

"Niall, you are Geeeeeniusssss" I replied with a hearty smile

*Rose is downstairs now*


"ATTENTION EVERYBODY, if you want to get adopted we are holding a drawing contest the best drawer wins and we'll get adopted, only rules are you cannot be a directioner.


About 3 girls stayed including the new one who just walked down the stairs.



8 hours later* 


       Lisa Picture

 Anna Picture



     Rose Picture







     NO ONE: All of One directions eyes popped when they saw Roses Picture. No wonder it took so look said Harry. Liam and Zayn were whispering that she was the one.


Rose: I was eavesdropping one their conversation and I heard she was the one. Well Who cares what One Dopey was saying. " HOLD ONE THERE LOVE, WERE ADADPTING YOU"  all of the little boys started cheering and shit.

I just growled and ran to my room to get my stuff packed. I got all of my 5 shirts 3 jeans 2 leggings 1 sweats and 15 Beanies don't forget my 5 vans and 3 converses. my 2 sweatshirts were missing so I couldn't take them. I grabbed all of my boards my 2 longboards and my 3 regular boards. my hands were full of junk. but of course I still had my make up left. I slowly put away all my stuff into a suitcase under my bed now I had to get my smaller suit case for my make-up


 My make-up

1) Proactive acne and cleansing gel

2) Neutrogena make-up remover

3) NAKED pallete ( eyeshadow)

4) lip stick and lip gloss

5) EOS and Baby lips

6) foundation

7) bronzer

8) mascara

9)  blush

10) liquid Eye liner


I know lots of make-up but I really only wear mascara, foundation, Eos, and liquid Eye liner for a every day look.




An: Hey everyone, please like favorite and become a fan of me and I know that Roses Picture is a photograph, but if decided that it could be a picture made out of colored pencils or something so yeah  

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