future, hereafter, to-be

Everything was perfect. No suffering. True happiness. Till someone coughed.


1. Intro

  Our world is perfect. Thanks to Toekomst we no longer have problems. Not because of any one thing that they did but because they ARE the future. Or were.    Toekomst Corporation started out as a farming company. They grew the biggest foods in the shortest time without it killing anyone but actually being beneficial to peoples health. After that they moved on to livestock. Again they were the best. Later fast food. Like a healthy mic Donald's they dominated the the fast food company's around the world. Moving to dishes andfurniture they made almost un-breakable dishes and self cleaning cupboards  to store there new plates, cups, cutlery, and bowls. Once they started in appliances they soon dominated that as well, along with furniture and housing. There company was so big they had a job for everyone, saving the crashing economy. There were a few old dominant businesses left but nothing compared to Toekomst.    Twenty years after they opened there first farm, they had control over the majority of all fast food companies, food plants, farms, ranches, furniture sales, dishes, appliances, and housing company's.    What did they do? They moved on. living up to the translation of there name Future. Soon they had all the newest fashions. Toekomst set the trends. Amusement parks, and resorts, opened for there employes to relax, overshadowing places like Disneyland even.  Although they still wanted more.   Moving on to medicines the company built huge buildings with state of the art technology and told a bunch of scientists to "make it better". They bought hospitals and told the best doctors and nurses in the world to work together till the people were better, till they had all the cures.    Forty five years after Toekomst opened there was NO competition. Nothing stood in there way. No one was upset by that though. There were no homeless. Everyone had enough food and money to get by. Jobs were easy to come by. Family's grew. Toekomst founder ruled like a monarch, she saw the world as it was, under her control, as perfect. The suicide rates had dropped to one every five years. Nationally.   

Utopia. Until someone got a cough. No one knows who patient zero is. No one knows why they got sick, everything had a vaccine. It had been years since anyone had died of cancer or anything other than stupidity or old age, and even those things were usually prevented.

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