Living Under a Different Sun

"I'm not good enough for you"

"No your not. Your too good for me."

"You don't understand. You could never understand. You'll never love me like that. It's just a daydream, a blur, something put inside your head to fool you into loving me.."

"So your saying this" He gestures to the space between us. "You think what we have isn't love. Your saying this isn't real. That we have nothing?"

"No we will never have nothing. I will always love you. But you'll never truly return that love"

"I will always love you. Nothing and no body could ever change that."

"When they find us, your opinion will change and you will never look at me the same again..."


2. Chapter Two

I've tied part of my hair up and left the other half down, keeping it out my face. My clothes consists of a white Imagine Dragons singlet tucked into dark blue jean shorts and black suspenders. On my feet I had combat boots with the tops of my black socks peaking over the top. This is how I would be dressing for now on. 


I throw my bag over shoulder and grab my phone, running down the stairs.  


"See ya dad!" I yelled while opening the front door. There are thundering footsteps coming from behind me. Scaring the absolute shit out of me. 


"Don't forget your keys sweetheart. Make sure nobody sees your eyes okay hun?" He looks worried, but then again why wouldn't he. His only daughter is going to a new school after only living in the county for two weeks. Oh and his daughter might just be a tiny bit...different..


I grab the keys to my shiny new bike and give my dad a quick kiss on the cheek before slipping on my leather jacket, grabbing my helmet and slipping out the door.



The schools parking lot is huge, scratch that, the whole damn school is huge. 


Taking off my helmet and shaking out my hair, I pocket my keys and walk into the school grounds to what I'm assuming is the front office. 


"Hello there sweetie, how can I help you?" An elderly woman asks from behind the biggest desk I have ever seen. 


I struggle to remember my new name. How incredibly stupid do I have to be to forget my new name. Ugh what the hell was it? 


"Umm er.... EMERY! Umm I'm Emery Jones. Im new." Smooth, real smooth Emery. 


The lady smiles and nods before getting up and walking to yet another huge desk. She comes back with a stack of papers way to big to only be my timetable and map. I suddenly get nervous when she looks into my eyes, I quickly look away hoping that she'll just think I'm nervous and not hiding something. 


"Okay so this is you timetable, map, and these are some documents we need you parent or guardian to sign. Hope you have a lovely first day Emery." She smiles again, sits down and goes back to clicking on the computer.


I walk through a cramped hallway full of other students. Getting curious stares and hearing whispers, most likely about me. Reaching my locker I find that there are a group of guys standing in front of it. I swallow, remembering the last time I tried to defend myself. 


"Um hey. Im sorry but do you mind moving you kinda standing in front of my locker" I look at the ground and try to force the memories out of my head. They're flooding my brain and I need them to stop, I can't breakdown here and espacially not on my first day of school. Nothing ends well when I break down...


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