Living Under a Different Sun

"I'm not good enough for you"

"No your not. Your too good for me."

"You don't understand. You could never understand. You'll never love me like that. It's just a daydream, a blur, something put inside your head to fool you into loving me.."

"So your saying this" He gestures to the space between us. "You think what we have isn't love. Your saying this isn't real. That we have nothing?"

"No we will never have nothing. I will always love you. But you'll never truly return that love"

"I will always love you. Nothing and no body could ever change that."

"When they find us, your opinion will change and you will never look at me the same again..."


3. Chapter Three

The mysterious boy thats standing in front of my locker laughed at me. "You want me to move do you sweetheart?" He smirked. God I hate it when guys smirk, its so unbecoming. Don't get me wrong, on some guys it can be hot as but not this type if guy. This guy seems like the kind of person that can get anything, everything and everyone that he wanted. Well he wasn't going to get into my head. Im not going to let him into my sacred place and let him invade my thought processes. I am not a normal girl and I will not fall for this normal guys normal games. I will not stoop that low. 


"Yep" I said and popped the 'p'. I wanted to show this guy that his games didn't affect me the way he wanted them to. 


"Well sorry love, not gunna happen" He leaned back against my locker, looking at me up and down. Pervert. 


"Oh, well are you legs broken or just painted on?" To that, his friends chuckled. Making me smirk. I know I said I don't like it when guys smirk. But since I'm not a guy I'm kinda not being a hypocrite so meh. Call me a hypocrite, see if I care. 


He puts a hand on my shoulder and I instantly recoil. "No no, no touchy feely, at least move and get me a coffee first. Then maybe ill think about it. Until then though, keep your hands to yourself buddy."


"Oh feisty, I like that." He wiggles his eyebrows and his little groupies chuckled. 


"Pity I don't go for arrogant, perverted, jerk faced guys like you then isn't it? Because if i did we would be perfect for each other. Now move." I smile sweetly at him before pushing him aside. Let me tell you, that guy weighs a TON. 


After shoving my stuff into my locker and making sure that I have everything that I need for the day I head to class, waiting to be bombarded with stares and whispers. The usual thing for when a new kid comes to town.


Surprisingly everybody in my classes seemed too preoccupied with what they did over their spring break to notice that I even existed. Not that I minded. It was a blessing really, if nobody noticed me then nobody would look at me. They don't look, they don't notice. 




The teachers didn't even do that whole 'this is the new kid everyone stare at her thing' they just said hello and to take a seat wherever there was one spare. I was grateful for that too.



But all of that went to hell as soon as I stepped out of the school doors and saw a swarm of people gathered around my bike. Yippee! Time to converse with all those bratty jocks! What a girls dream, oh wait, a normal girls dream. 



I walk up to the group of jocks, walking with as much fake bravado I can muster. I shouldn't be scared of them, they should be scared of me. Pity Im too scared of them to actually agree with myself. 


"Do you guys mind moving away from my bike?" They all stare at me like Id grown a third eye and for a second i was afraid one of my contacts had fallen out. But considering the fact that the people looking at me hadn't suddenly frozen or combusted, that probably wasn't likely.


"This is your bike?" Oh look who it is. Broken legs guy, yay! (sarcasm, oh so much sarcasm)   

"Oh my gosh your legs aren't broken! Its a miracle!" False cheeriness oozed out of my mouth and into my voice. It was basically dripping with the stuff.   


"ha ha very funny. Now, is this really your bike?" He gave me a glare that made me think that he didn't think this was the type of bike a girl should have. My bike was jet-black with silver flames that had red tints on the outside. To put it simply and with much less detail, it was utterly beautiful. You can kinda tell my dad has a lot of money cant you?   


"Yep. Thats my baby." Once again I popped the 'p'.    I pushed past the guys, again, got on my bike, put on my helmet. I listened to the collective sigh that the boys let out when they heard it start. I revved the engine, just to make them a little bit more envious and when it roared and they sighed again, I knew I had achieved my goal. I left the guys to gape in awe after me, roaring off into the distance towards my house, loving the sound my bike made when we went under the tunnel that connected one half of the city to the other.  


Maybe this place won't be so bad. As long as I could keep annoying that guy anyway.



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