Living Under a Different Sun

"I'm not good enough for you"

"No your not. Your too good for me."

"You don't understand. You could never understand. You'll never love me like that. It's just a daydream, a blur, something put inside your head to fool you into loving me.."

"So your saying this" He gestures to the space between us. "You think what we have isn't love. Your saying this isn't real. That we have nothing?"

"No we will never have nothing. I will always love you. But you'll never truly return that love"

"I will always love you. Nothing and no body could ever change that."

"When they find us, your opinion will change and you will never look at me the same again..."


1. Chapter One

I wince as I cover my eyes with my coloured contacts. Damn, Im still not used to this whole thing.


My dad and I moved here from Britten when everything went to shit. One of my contacts fell out in front of Ben Wallis. We moved the next day. To the another country. Some people might think that was a little extreme, but it wasn't for us. For us it was precaution. So now we live in America.


I had to completely change my look. I went from having long wavy blond hair, sparkling blue eyes and dressing in the cutest clothes out, to having shoulder length, pin strait brown hair, bangs that nearly covered my eyes and bright green eyes. Dressing in what could only be described as hipster. 


What had happened was all over the news. I have nightmares every night from what i did to that boy. - High school senior Benjamin Wallis was found frozen, in a petrified state. nobody knows what happened or who did this to this aspiring athlete. We are appealing to anyone that might have seen ANYTHING around this area. Whoever did this is a sick person and police will stop at nothing to get justice for Ben.- I shiver at the thought of what happened that night. 


"Sam wait!" he yelled, running after me. 


"What do you want Ben?"


"I want you." He pushed me against the hood a car and began kissing my furiously. I tried to back away, spit into his mouth, bite him, kick him in his privates, anything that could get me out of that situation. His hands reached down to my breasts and he aggressively started groping them. He ripped my shirt off and started sucking on my skin. I struggled, I tired to scream. But nothing was working. No body was going to save me. His hands went down to my shorts and slipped under them, tracing the hem of my under ware. I whimpered and tried to get him to stop. He had his hand over my mouth. His finger slipping in-between my lips. I took this opportunity to bite him as hard as I could. Flinching away, he slapped me across the face twice, but in the third, my left contact fell out from the force of his hit. As soon as he looked into my eyes he stopped. Froze would be a more appropriate word. He literally froze, right there, shock clearly shown on his still and slightly crystallised face. There were tiny little ice crystals forming on his skin. I stared at him, how could I have let this happen again? I ran, as fast as I could and for as long as my legs would let me.


I ran strait home, making sure not to make eye contact with anyone. As soon as I stepped into the threshold of my house I broke down and told my father everything that happened. Save for the fact that I nearly got raped. We packed our bags and and left the next morning at 3 am. The first flight out. 


My father rented an apartment, we transformed my look and here I am, standing in front of my mirror, looking at the new me. On my first day of school.


So hi :) this is my first book on here so I hope you guys like it! and if you do please support it it would mean the absolute world to me. 

Thanks Guys :) 

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