2 is better than 1

When 15 year old Arielle Simpson, gets a strange job as a body guard for one of the Magcon boys. Who will she fall for? Will business come before pleasure or will she quit to be with the one she loves? I guess you will have to read and find out!


10. chapter 9: MagCon


I know some of you are hurt that Nash, Cam, Carter, and Hayes are leaving MagCon but please don't cut or blame the boys because they want to be happy. Watch Nash's video if you haven't already because it made me smile and wipe away my tears. It's a sad time for the whole fandom but stay strong you can do it. If you are cutting and need someone to talk to DM me on twitter @tcaniff_army I'm always here for you guys!

"On April 17th a fandom broke. On April 18th a boy named Nash fixed it."

Arielles POV

I went to MagCon Dallas so it was weird not seeing all the girls screaming. Taylor took my hand and started leading me to his station. We had 20 minutes till MagCon started. It was interesting watching everyone, Mahogany was setting up her stuff and flirting with Jacob (JOX!!!), Nash and Cam were having a cash moment about their hair, Aaron and Matt were screaming "CARTAH STOP," at Carter, Shawn was singing Hallelujah, JJ was chasing Jack G making fun of him for some inside joke, the girlfriends including May were in the back hiding from the craziness, Hayes was getting a new MagCon hoodie, and me and Taylor just sat their and cuddled.

Eric came over to me and told me I was with the jacks for this event. I haven't really talked to them but I worked as a body guard so I couldn't say no. Eric filled me in on how they are from vine and how they sing. I already knew all that but I didn't stop him. When I finally reached the Jacks I saw them look at me weird.

"Boys, this is Arielle, your body guard for this event," Eric said giving them a look to be nice. They obviously didn't catch the look because they both started laughing. I didn't know what to do so I went over to JJ and grabbed his arm. I twisted it is such a way that he flipped over on his back. That caused the laughter to end really quick.

"Boys circle time," Bart yelled from by the door. I was told to stay where I was. I could see them huddling up with their girlfriends putting their hands in. It kind of hurt because well me and Tay have a thing but because of my work I was forced to stay back. After circle I saw the girls leave out the side door I heard that they wait in line so it looks like the boys don't have girlfriend and then they choose them later to spend more time with. It's very clever If you really think about it. Taylor came sprinting over and kissed me passionately like he would never kiss me again. Then he ran back to his station and blew me another kiss. I really like Taylor and i mean he does really care about me. The Jacks came back and starting apologizing to me for earlier and I said it was ok and that's when the doors open.


The meet and greet part was over so I was able to do whatever I wanted as long as I kept my eyes on the boys. I was sitting in a corner texting my friend Katie when Taylor came over and grabbed me by my waist and threw me over his shoulder.

"TAYLOR CANIFF," I heard on the mic then a loud roar came among the girls. Next thing I knew I was next to Taylor and he had the mic in his hands on the stage. Some girls were yelling asking who I was and other recognized me from the picture.

Taylor got down on one knee, "hey guys this is Arielle and I want her to be my girlfriend," a bunch of awes came out and a few girls started to cry. He should up and I whispered yes in his ear. He told his fans to respect me and be nice. Then the rest of the boys were announced.

Taylor's girlfriend that sounded so weird. I could feel my smile from ear to ear. I sat on the stage next to taylor and Aaron. Shawn got up to sing the Cameron Dallas song and I was left by myself. I wasn't alone for long since Nash came to sit next to me. He didn't say anything but I could tell he was mad. Why would Nash be mad he has a girlfriend?! Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, Nash was gonna break up with her for me. I felt happy and then I felt sad because I really like Taylor. I like taylor more than anyone I have ever dated so far. I wasn't going to risk what I have with Taylor just because I think Nash likes me. He sat there for 10 minutes till the lipgloss song came on. Noting exciting happened for me for the rest if Magcon. When they picked girls. Shawn picked bunny, Nash picked May, Cameron picked Rutu, Matt choose Sky, Aaron choose some random a girl in the front, the jacks choose a set of twins named Megan (Jack G's pick) and Lilly (JJ's pick), i was with them when they meet the girls and I could tell they had fallen in love with them when they saw them and it was really cute, Carter picked a chubby girl in the back and Taylor choose Me. Once all the girls cleared out we all loaded into the limo and headed for home.

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