2 is better than 1

When 15 year old Arielle Simpson, gets a strange job as a body guard for one of the Magcon boys. Who will she fall for? Will business come before pleasure or will she quit to be with the one she loves? I guess you will have to read and find out!


7. Chapter 6: getting ready!

Arielle's POV

"Heels, vans, combat boots, or high tops?!" Bunny yelled while I was blow drying my hair. Bunny had offered to help me get ready for my date.

"Vans!" I screamed back. I had a weird love for vans. I had a total of 25 pairs at home.

"Skirt, shorts, or pants?!" Bunny shouted.

My reply was simply, "Skirt!"

At that point I was finished blow dying my hair and started doing a messy side fishtail braid. My hair was long and blonde so it looked good.

When I finished i walked out of the room with a towel hugging my body. I slipped on my white and pink Victoria Secret bra and undies. Bunny had just put together my outfit on our bed. She put her soft hands over my eyes and made our way over to the bed. When she removed her eyes I saw the cutest outfit. Their was a pair of tye dye vans that were adorable. Next I saw a crop top tye dye obey loose tank top and of course she had laid out a neff white beanie. There was a white skater shirt and a white over the shoulder bag. I threw my arms around Bunny's shoulders and hugged her as tight as i could.

"Well I'm happy you like it Arielle! I picked tye dye because when u think Taylor Caniff you think tye dye," Bunny said with a hug smile on her face.

As she was talking I slipped on the outfit. On top of how cute it was, it was also very comfortable. As I was tying my left shoe on my tiny foot there was a knock on the door. I looked over at bunny who was texting and laughing so it must have been shawn. So I stood up and headed for the door.

"AIRRRRR, I've missed you," they said as they hugged me.

When I opened the door I didn't get time to look at the persons face and see who it was but as I stood there in the hug I was thinking who calls me air and says it like that. I could only think of two people my best friend Katie and Aaron my ex boyfriend. OMG ITS AARON. Now let's get one thing straight. Aaron broke up with me and we are still pretty close friends. We were neighbors before he became famous and we still text sometimes. Aaron and I will never date again because we were an awful couple but we will always be best friends.

"OMG A-RON I MISSED YOU SOO MUCH!!" I said as I brought him in closer to me.

When we finally let go of the hug he lightly kept his hand on my waist.

"Come in my room. I have to finish getting ready!" I said as I waved my hand towards the door.

He walked in and picked up my beanie and handing it to me before sitting down on the bed on the exact spot as the beanie.

"Thanks," I smiled and walked over to the mirror so I could put it on properly, " how have you been any girls in your life, or any new exciting things."

"Well I'm on the MagCon tour. Hundreds of girls LOVE me and well I'm sitting here with my best friend! So no nothing is new," he said chuckling, "can I ask a question and when I say this it's not to be mean but why are you here?"

"Well I'm a body guard to be honest. I just haven't been put with a boy yet. So I have to wait," i was looking down at my shoes embarrassed.

"OMG I ALMOST FORGOT YOU DO KARATE!" Aaron said as if it all made sense now and it made me smile.

There was another knock on the door. I put on my mascara, eyeliner and bright red lipstick and grabbed the door. When I opened it I saw Taylor's eyes wonder all around my body. I invited him in and Taylor sat next to Aaron. Aaron stood up and hugged me and then walked out.

Bunny was still laying on the bed texting shawn in her own little world. Taylor stood up and took my hand and we started walking to the car. He was wearing a red Magcon hoodie and khakis and his red vans and a red bandana. I'm not gonna lie he looked adorable and it made me smile even bigger. When we got to the car there was a limo waiting and a driver in the front. Taylor opened the door for me and whispered something to the driver and sat back down and threw his arm loosely around my body.

"So where are we going?" I said confused and a little excited.

"It's a secret silly! I will tell u when we get there," Taylor said with a big smile on his face.

We sat there in the back of the car for about 20 minutes waiting to get to our location.

"We are here!" He yelled.

He got out of the car and ran around to my side and when I got out and looked in front of me I saw sleeping beauty's Castle glowing. It was beauty and at that moment I knew this would be a great date.

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