2 is better than 1

When 15 year old Arielle Simpson, gets a strange job as a body guard for one of the Magcon boys. Who will she fall for? Will business come before pleasure or will she quit to be with the one she loves? I guess you will have to read and find out!


4. Chapter 3: blue or bandanas

Arielle's POV


When i woke up I was on someone's lap. I quickly jumped up and saw that it was Nash. When did Nash get here? and why am I on his lap? I guess Nash most have heard me jump because he stood up really fast.

"Oh um why was I on your lap?" I said in a groggy tone because I was still tired.

"Well, yeah, so, I like put you there cause it looked like it hurt how you were laying," Nash's cheeks were bright red. I decided to just stop asking questions so he wouldn't be too embarrassed.

"Oh ok thanks Nash, by the way my name is Arielle," once these words came out of my mouth I was kind of regretting it.

Nash winked, " You can call me Nashy, Nashbrown, or just Nash if you want."

BOOM! The door slammed open!

"PÜMA!" Taylor Caniff yelled.

Oh my god it's Taylor Caniff. After Nash, Taylor was my favorite. All my friends told me we were a perfect match because I love to randomly scream, I wear bandanas on the daily, and I was funny in a weird way. I'm not gonna lie I find taylor very attractive.

"Nashy is this your girlfriend? The none of us besides Cam have ever met. What's her name again? Madi, Maggie? No it's MAY!" Taylor spoke in a curious way.

All I can think is Nash has a girlfriend! He called me beautiful and put my head on his lap. I thought he liked me but I guess not.

"No Tay this is Arielle she is um. What exactly are you doing here?" Nash said to me with one eyebrow raised.

"Oh I'm gonna be one of your guys year round body guards," once I told them they gave me a weird look likethey could beat me up.

Taylor spoke first, " well if she isn't your girlfriend Nash...," then he turned to me and got down on one knee and took my hand in his, " will you Arielle go on one or more dates with me because I think you are beautiful and stunning."

I looked at Nash and he looked like a ton of bricks just hit him. Then I looked back at Taylor, who was smiling. What do I have to lose Nash has a girlfriend and Taylor is hot. Why not?

"Sure! I would love to, but if you want to go on a date with me you have to do one thing for me," i said feeling like I had all the power in the world.

"What is it I will literally do anything," Taylor said quicker than excepted.

"I want you to give me a shoot out on vine, insta, and twitter," I couldn't control my laughter which was weird cause it wasn't that funny.

Ring! A notification from twitter popped on my screen and it read,


(Follow me "friend" @arielle_the_little_mermaid)

I favorited it. Then we took a selfie and he posted it with the caption (follow my bae @ariellesimp_)

We recorded the vine and he explained how I told him he had to shout me out if he wanted a date with me. The whole time he was recording we were laughing so hard we didn't even notice Nash walk out. I felt kind of bad but I mean Nash could of stated with the whole I have a girlfriend thing. The next thirty minutes I sat there with Tay, his arm was around my waist and my head was on his shoulder. Taylor grabbed my face and started leaning in for a kiss when Eric slammed though the door.

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