2 is better than 1

When 15 year old Arielle Simpson, gets a strange job as a body guard for one of the Magcon boys. Who will she fall for? Will business come before pleasure or will she quit to be with the one she loves? I guess you will have to read and find out!


15. chapter 13: bands and boys

Chapter 13: bands and boys

Nash's POV:

Arielle looked beautiful! No gorgeous! No radiant! She is the prettiest girl on the face of the earth! How can I let such a delicate and fragile human being be with a monster like taylor! Oh I know because I'm with May! A girl I don't even love! I can tell what I have for Arielle is real because the feeling I get when I look in her eyes, or the way my heart skips when a smile creeps it's way on her face. i have to tell her how i feel tonight.

Taylor's POV:

Arielle looks HOT! she is the most perfect being on this earth. There is only one problem Nash is in love with her and i can tell she feels the same way. i know that if you really love someone that you are suppose to make them happy, even if its not with you, but i cant imagine even breathing without being able to call her my girlfriend. i have to find a way to get Nash to back off and tonight might be the night!

Arielle's POV:

we had finally got to the venue and Nash was giving me a warm smile, while taylor was giving Nash a death glare. We were put in the front in a private section because of Nash and Taylor! I'm not going to lie, i felt like a princess.

"hey Arielle, wanna go get drinks with me," Nash said with a grin on his face.

"how about you take your own girl, Grier," taylor spat between his teeth.

this is the start of something bad, i can just feel it. Nash grabbed Mays slutty hand and drug her to where the drinks were. i sat there in silence because i felt like i was just property to Nash and Tay.

When Nash came back Taylor threw his arm around me. it was as if Taylor was trying to mark his territory. I peeled his arm off of my shoulder and walked to get a drink. As i was waiting in line a strange, yet familiar set of arms wrapped around my waist. i knew they weren't Nash's and they defiantly weren't Taylor's strong muscular arms. when i turned around i was shocked to see my childhood neighbor and best friend. Now he is part of a little group called O2L ( our 2nd life ).

"TREVOR!!!!!," I screamed at the top of my lungs.

"Hi, Arielle! how have you been. i heard you were dating Taylor Caniff. is that true?" trevor said as his eyes rolled at the mention of Taylor.

I told him all about my relationship and he kept the eye rolls coming. he paid for my water and we hugged each other goodbye. on the walk back to the vip section i was thinking about why trevor kept rolling his eyes. Was Taylor really that bad of a person? I have always just thought that taylor needed someone to love and understand him, thats all.

When i finally returned taylor and the slut were gone. Nash was sitting three seats over from me. after a few minutes i waved him over to the seat next to me.

"Hey Nash, Im S...," Nash cut me off.

"Arielle, listen and i mean really listen. Do you remember when i bumped into you and we had that second of connection, well that connection hasn't ended for me, well at least not yet. I know, i know i have May but I'm planning on breaking up with her tonight so i can be with you," Nash grabbed my hands and had tears forming in his eyes, "and now my only question to you is are you willing to love me like i love you?"

We were both on the brink of tears when i suddenly saw a muscular arm swing and hit Nash square in the jaw.

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