2 is better than 1

When 15 year old Arielle Simpson, gets a strange job as a body guard for one of the Magcon boys. Who will she fall for? Will business come before pleasure or will she quit to be with the one she loves? I guess you will have to read and find out!


13. chapter 11: the night after

Arielle's POV

I woke up with Taylor's arms around my body. He still had his bandanna on from the night before. I caught myself laughing at the fact he had worn it to bed. I shuck myself free of his grip and walked into the kitchen ( the spare room is a suite so it has a kitchen ). I found eggs and bacon, I'm not really sure how but it was in the fridge. I was in the middle of making eggs when I felt two arms wrap around my body and two lips start kissing my neck I knew it was taylor so I just let him continue. After a minute or two he spun me around and pressed his lips to mine. He tasted like cherry lipgloss. We were broken up by the fire alarm going off because my eggs were burning. We quickly stopped the alarm. I stopped cooking and me and Taylor went back to cuddling. We were silent for a while but it was nice. Soon I found myself falling asleep

***** dream ******

"TAYLOR," I was shouting at the top of my lungs!

I was in a white room with one window. I walked over and looked out of It to see taylor and some slut making out. I was hurt I started to cry, as I was cry the room started to flood. I was drowning, what could I do but die. I looked over and saw Nash swimming towards me with a red rose in his mouth. When he reached me he took the rose out and started Kissing me. The room started to drain and a splash of pink and red paint had appeared on the wall. I heard knocking like crazy and the whole room was shaking.

***** dream over *****

I woke up to a pounding on the door. It was Nash. His eyes were red a puffy so you could tell he'd Been crying. I felt awful, I started in for a huge but he pulled out.

"MagCon is in a hour, better wake up taylor," Nash was being very salty and with that he left.

Nash's POV

After Arielle ran out after taylor last night I went to bed. I knew taylor wouldn't be in because he was probably gonna rape her like he does with every girl he likes. I sat on the bed just thinking about Taylor and Arielle kissing in the spare room, it made my stomach turn and I just wanted to throw up. I forgot that I was also rooming with Aaron until he walked in on me crying. I know boys aren't supposed to cry but when it hurts that bad it's okay. I could tell that Aaron knew intermediately what was wrong.

"Dude it's okay if she likes a guy like Taylor she's not good enough for you," Aaron said with this huge grin on his face.

" I think she is distracted by his abs and bandanas," I spoke with a grin forming.

Aaron and I sat up making taylor jokes till he feel asleep. I'm not gonna lie they bad me feel better about everything. I slowly feel asleep.

"WAKE UP!!!"

"Get off my chest,cam" I yelled because cam was waking me up in a rude way like always. He crawled off my chest and started telling me hwas sorry for last night but it wasn't his fault. He told me that I had to go and wake them up. I got up and looked in the mirror and my eyes were all puffy. I didn't care and all that much if the boys saw me but I cared if Arielle did. I started my way to each room waking them up. I saw that jack and jack had their girls from last night still over. When I got to the spare room I knocked a few times. When the door opened I saw a sleepy Arielle. She looked so beautiful first thing in the morning. I know she noticed my eyes because she leaned in for a hug but I shrugged her away. I was quickly and salty and I stormed away. I heard her yell sorry from back at their door but I ignored her and went back to my room and got ready for MagCon.

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