The Fault in Our Hearts

** Read Th Fault In Our Stars By John Green first**
(I'm warning you now this may contain spoilers of The Fault in Our Stars if you haven't read it or finished it!)
This is a story about Hazel Grace continuing her cancer battle after her terrible loss from a year ago.
(Credits to John Green on his story The Fault In Our Stars, this is just an sequel of what I think would happen next!)


2. previewwww!!!!(:

So here is a short preview! Just enough for a little taste of how Hazel is doing!(:


215 days since Augustus died. It's been 7 months and since then you can say I've been just 'Okay'. Yes I feel like I have a hole in my heart but life must go on. Well for me life must struggle on. I still have cancer, my lungs have to be drained more frequently, and standing has became more and more of a challenge for me. But I'm still okay and that is alright, it's enough for me.

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