The Fault in Our Hearts

** Read Th Fault In Our Stars By John Green first**
(I'm warning you now this may contain spoilers of The Fault in Our Stars if you haven't read it or finished it!)
This is a story about Hazel Grace continuing her cancer battle after her terrible loss from a year ago.
(Credits to John Green on his story The Fault In Our Stars, this is just an sequel of what I think would happen next!)


1. Coming Soon... (:

Coming Soon!(:

By the way I give all credit that belongs to John Green on the original story The Fault in our stars!

So if you have Not read OR finished the book The Fault In Our stars please do that first before reading this first! Cause this may contain some spoilers!

What happened to Hazel Grace Lancaster after her tragic loss?

Well let's take a look a year later in her cancer battling life! How much numbered days does she have left? Is it close to her end? Or is did he become cancer free?

* this is just my story of what I thought a sequel be like if It were written *

I will start writing this when I get 10 likes, and favorites! Feel free to comment your thoughts of what you think on what would happen!(:

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