Everything Has Changed.

As working in a recording studio and working with famous celebrities, Isiah was assigned to work with 5 Seconds Of Summer. They all record and do some songs until they all become friends. The boys go on tour but keep in touch with Isiah and the invite her to one of their concerts. But she looks straight into one boys eyes, he smiles, and BOOM she saw something no one else did...


1. Another Day.

Isiah's P.O.V.

As I woke up on the couch with no cover I started shivering. God it's always cold in my apartment and I get so annoyed. I got up and about and went to my room. I looked through my closet and picked out something to where for today. I had work at studio, then I'm gonna go over my friends to pick her up and go out to eat after a long day at work. I cannot wait to see her cause I haven't seen her in a few days since shes been super busy with school. Me? I'm in school. College actually and in my 3rd year already. I just can't wait until I'm done with college cause I'll be able to go home for awhile to take care of my mom

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