Just another fan?

Chloe's just 1 girl out a million who want to date Harry Styles
On March the 25th she has concert tickets and a meet and greet which she has been looking forward to for months. what will happen when she really meets the boys in the flesh?? Will Harry happen to like her..........


5. the beach

It was Saturday morning and I had just gotten up, all of a sudden I heard my phone I got text, it was from Harry, it said

Hey babe, are you busy today? :)

I wrote back

No, not at all :)

Omg he was such a cutie and I was in love with him and I think he was in love with me.

Then I got a text from Harry saying

Great :) do you want to come to the beach with me?

I wrote back

Yeah sure, that sounds like fun :)

He wrote back

I'll come and pick you up in half an hour then :) Xx

I was so excited to be going to the beach with him.

I got out my favourite swimsuit, it was floral with ruffles and I liked it a lot. I put it on and headed downstairs to grab a towel.

As I was getting my towel my dad came over to me, "where are you going?" he asked

"To the beach" I answered

"Your going with that boy aren't you" dad replied

"His names Harry and yes, he's coming to pick me up and take me out dad"

"Fine then" dad replied

Ugh I thought dad was being a bit unreasonable, Harry was a respectful, caring and loving guy. He was nice to me, why couldn't he just accept that?

Right on time Harry pulled in the driveway, I came out and got in the car with him, I could see dad peering though the window looking at Harry. Ugh. We then drove off and Harry pulled into North beach, no one was here, I thought that's weird, usually North beach is packed on Saturday? I then saw a girl running up the beach with her friend, I heard them talking, one of them said to the other "dawn, wish we could of stayed at the beach today" "yeah" said the other "we could have if that boy over there didn't pay to clear the whole beach today"ugh was an ass" then they ran off. I looked at Harry, I could see that he had heard them too. "should we get off the beach then?" "I mean if somebody payed to clear the whole beach, we should go to then"I said looking at Harry. "No" he answered "I am that boy" "I payed to clear the whole beach so that we could have a romantic time without getting mobbed"

"OMG Harry" "really" "that was so sweet"

Omg I could not believe what he had done for me. I was so happy.

"Thank you so much Harry" I told him

"No problem" he replied

After we had talked for a few minutes on the beach just about our favourite films, music etc Harry spoke up and said "I need to tell you something Chloe" "it's been on my mind ever since I saw you at the concert"

"Go ahead tell me" I said with a smile


Straight away I answered "well I love you too Harry"

"I think you are perfect" Harry said "will you go out with me"

"Yes" I said with a flirty smile

Soon After Harry asked me if I wanted to go swimming. I said yes.

Harry took off his shirt so he was only wearing his board shorts, six pack and all exposed. I took off my shirt so I just had my swimmers on, I wasn't confident enough to wear a bikini, I told Harry that and he said he didn't care and that he thought I was perfect just the way I was.

Soon we were in the water, Harry held me tight so I didn't get hit by the crashing waves, after about 10 minutes that waves had calmed down and the water was still, Harry held me tight and looked me in the eyes, his green emerald eyes shining bright as ever, he leaned in and licked my bottom lip asking for entrance, I gave it to him and we kissed passionately for about 2 minutes straight.

Soon a wave crashed into us to break up the kiss, we both laughed it off and walked back up to the shore

Kissing him felt amazing, I had never kissed anyone before in my life and that was my first one, it felt great. I liked it.

After that Harry took me out for lunch, we had fish and chips, sometimes people would notice Harry and he would get mobbed but most of the time the people around here respected his privacy and left him alone after they had a picture and an autograph. After lunch I got a text from my mum saying that her and dad had gone to grandmas for a couple of hours so not to worry if I came home and nobody was there when I got home.

About 10 minutes after reviving the text Harry took me home, but since nobody was home, I thought I would invite him inside. He accepted the invitation and as soon as we got inside I put my towel out to dry then I sat on the sofa with Harry, as soon as I sat down, Harry started leaning against my neck slightly kissing my neck, he gradually moved up to my face and lips, where again he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance, I give it to him immediately and we kissed each other for a few minutes, I liked it. The feel of his warm lips on mine. It was amazing. After getting close on the couch, Harry went home. What an amazing day.

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