Just another fan?

Chloe's just 1 girl out a million who want to date Harry Styles
On March the 25th she has concert tickets and a meet and greet which she has been looking forward to for months. what will happen when she really meets the boys in the flesh?? Will Harry happen to like her..........


3. One Direction concert

Soon after the ads stopped and the arena went dark

It was time.

I was going to see the 5 boys that have changed and saved my life.

I heard the start of up all night and this is when everyone was crying and screaming the most. Then right on time I heard Liam's voice and there they were "OH MY GOD" I felt like it was a dream,

"It feels like we've been living in fast forward" "another moment passing by" liam sang and I couldn't believe my eyes, since I was right up front in the first row they could see me and I could see them.

Soon I saw my one and only love Harry Edward Styles, he was right in front of me "omg hyperventilation" I thought

I then yelled "Harry!"and with his sparking emerald green eyes he looked over at me, he waved and for about 30 seconds we just stared at each other "omg" I thought "why is he looking at me for so long?" "What did I do?" "Did I just look weird or something?" "Why is he staring?" "I loved him so much" "maybe he likes me" "OMG" "wait no" "you really think Harry likes you?" " no way! he could choose any girl" "he couldn't possibly like me"anyways he probs stared at people all the time. It was nothing.

Harry's P.O.V

I couldn't believe what I was looking at, she was defiantly the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen, the way she looked at me with those big brown eyes "God" I thought "She's gorgeous"

I didn't know what to do so I just kept singing and looked away, I was embarrassed because I just realised I had stared at her for like 30 seconds straight. I went red. "But" I thought "I have to see this girl again and apoligize for staring" I was so embarrassed.

Chloe's P.O.V

After the concert mum came and picked me up to take me to the meet and greet. she said dad had gone to the hardware store because he was sick of all the girly things.

In the car I couldn't help it, my mind kept thinking and running over the same thoughts, "why did he stare at me" I wondered, but it didn't matter I was positive nothing was going on and I was being stupid.

Soon we were at the venue where they were holding the meet and greet. Mum said she pick me up in a couple of hours. As I was standing out the front I realised I was starving so went and got something to eat and brang it back since I thought the boys were gunna be a while since they only just finished the concert.

Soz if it's short

Enjoy the story

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