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Chloe's just 1 girl out a million who want to date Harry Styles
On March the 25th she has concert tickets and a meet and greet which she has been looking forward to for months. what will happen when she really meets the boys in the flesh?? Will Harry happen to like her..........


7. home alone

I'm so sorry that it's been so long since I've written anything. But I'm back now so enjoy the story, please leave me comments and I'll keep writing.

The next day was the weekend yay! It was Saturday no school. When I got up i put on a pair of denim shorts, a white shirt that had a big red heart on it then a pair of red vans.

Today was the day that mum and dad were going away to my grandmas, 3 hours away, they were staying there for the weekend because she was sick.

Just after I had gotten dressed I went downstairs and had breakfast, I saw mum and dad quickly getting there stuff together, they quickly said goodbye to me and then left.

After I had finished breakfast I sat on the couch to watch tv.

I was watching tv when I got a knock at the door, I got up and opened the door, It was Harry.

"Hey babe" he said "what's up"

I said "hi Harry" "I'm home alone for the weekend because mum and dad are away at grandmas"

"Alone you say" Harry said with a cheeky smile

I laughed sweetly trying to flirt

He walked in and took off his jacket and then started kissing me, we walked over to the couch where Harry stopped and smiled at me, I smiled back at him.

"So I'm turning 17 in a week" I told Harry

"Oh really" said Harry

"Yeah" "I haven't really planned anything" "I'll probably just have cake at home like every year"

Harry's P.O.V

As I listened to her I could see the disappointment on her face, she sounded like as if she had never had a good birthday. But I would make sure this birthday will make up for all of those other birthdays.

"I want to take you somewhere nice" I said

"Aw you don't have to do that" she said

"I want to" "I love you" I said looking into her big brown eyes.

"I love you too" she said to me with a smile

I leaned in and kissed her

We smiled at each other.

I was so happy I was with her. She was amazing. I had never felt this way before.

Chloe's p.o.v

He was truly amazing, I enjoyed being with him every second. Even though we were just talking on the couch it was great.

Soz if it's short I couldn't really think of anything to write

I'll make my next chapter better I promise

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