Just another fan?

Chloe's just 1 girl out a million who want to date Harry Styles
On March the 25th she has concert tickets and a meet and greet which she has been looking forward to for months. what will happen when she really meets the boys in the flesh?? Will Harry happen to like her..........


2. before the concert

My alarm went off, I opened my eyes and realised It was the morning of the concert, I was so excited. I got up right out of bed and got dressed in the outfit I had chosen, a black leather skirt, a cropped black and white spotted top and white converse. I did my makeup and went downstairs, and quickly had some breakfast. After breakfast I went back upstairs and got my phone, tickets, small compact makeup bag and the book that I made that I was going to give the boys. After that I rushed back downstairs to the car where mum and dad were waiting for me, so we could drive to the arena. As the car drove out of the driveway I realised what was happening and it all rushed to my head. "OMG I meeting the boys!!! And seeing them in concert!!" I was so excited.

****skip car drive****

When we got to the arena, I saw heaps of girls rushing around, going to the 1D world store and waiting at the doors of the arena. I felt so happy that I was going too. As I got out of the car, mum handed me $100 and told me to have fun and be safe. She said she would pick me up around 3:30 for the meet and greet.

As I walked up the the arena I looked at my watch and realised it was only 11:00 and the concert didn't start till 1:00. So I had about an hour and a half to go and eat and then come back and wait at the arena. I saw a pizza place, so I went over and walked in. There were a lot of directioners in their that had come from the arena to eat before the concert the same as me. I looked at the menu to choose what I wanted. I then ordered 1 Hawaiian pizza and a can of coke. About half an hour later my pizza was finally ready, I was starving. I ate it and then walked back over to the arena to 1D world, where there was a big line. As I took my place at the back of the line, I took a sip of my coke then looked at my watch, it was 11:50, nearly an hour had passed. As I moved up in line I accidentally bumbled into a girl, we eventually got talking, her name was Bonnie and she was at the concert by herself as well before we knew it we were at the front of the line and Together We had a look at all the merchandise. I had $87 since I paid $13 for my pizza earlier. In 1D world I bought a really nice tour shirt, a tour book and some one direction nerd glasses which I put on as soon as I got out. When I catches up to Bonnie she told me what she bought in the merch store, she bought a one direction jumper, shirt and tour book. I looked at my watch, it was 12:30, half a hour till the concert!!! Me and Bonnie went and lined up together. We were both so excited. I looked at my ticket for the 100th time and as I knew I was in door 1 section A seat 10, Bonnie wasn't anywhere near me though she was in section g.

About 15 minutes later the doors opened to the arena staff were lined up so you could show your ticket. As we showed our tickets, we were allowed into the arena. Already there were girls lining up to get food and drinks and going to the toilets. They were so frantic and crazy and they were running so fast. Me and Bonnie went and lined up to get drinks and then went to the bathroom real quick. After that me and Bonnie went our separate ways to find our entry doors. When I found mine, I saw a lot of girls looking through the crack In the door, looking at sound check.They were already screaming and crying, I was a bit as well. As all directioners do. Some of the girls were smiling at me and saying hello and asking questions, like "who's your favourite 1D boy" and "are you excited to see the boys" I really liked being with them because we were all directioners and we were all part of the 1D family and even though we didn't know each other at all, I mean we hadn't even seen each other before, we felt like we knew where they were coming from because they, like you, knew all of the inside jokes and stuff.

After about another 15 minutes we saw a staff member walk up to our door, she was unlocking it!!! I thought "OMG this is happening!!!" She showed me to my seat and when I sat down I got out my phone and took a selfie. While watching the ads I felt tense because I knew I was finally going to see the boys, the ones you always see on a screen or a poster, were going to be right in front of you, it was such an overwhelming thought, I thought I was going to faint so I took a sip of my drink to make me feel better.

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