Just another fan?

Chloe's just 1 girl out a million who want to date Harry Styles
On March the 25th she has concert tickets and a meet and greet which she has been looking forward to for months. what will happen when she really meets the boys in the flesh?? Will Harry happen to like her..........


4. a bit more than a meet and greet

When I came back with my food I realised that there was quite a big line at the venue now.

Girls were screaming and crying.

I went to the back of the line

Great I was last in line.

As I was waiting in line I saw the girls who had seen the boys inside. They came out crying. They were literally crying rivers.

***2 hours pass***

I had been for 2 whole hours now. But I didn't care, it was all worth it. I was meeting the Boys! As I was in line a thought popped into my head. "Maybe Harry will remember me from the concert!" Wait no. "What are you crazy? Harry won't remember you! You are 1 out of a million girls he sees" These thoughts kept going over and over in my head until I finally reached the front of the line. I looked behind me and I saw that there was nobody else there, I was the last one to meet the boys.

The security guard asked me if I was ready, I took a deep breath and then said "yes" he opened the door and there was 5 beautiful faces looking at me especially Harry.

I was looking over at Harry and I think I saw him blush a little, he then turned around and looked the other way. He was such little cutie.

Harry's P.O.V

As I had a big gulp of my water, the door opened for the next fan to come in. I walked towards the door and then it hit me, "it was the girl from the concert, the one I stared at" I blushed before tuning around "what was I doing??" I took another sip of my water to try and seem casual. But I was still blushing.

I Turned back around and Niall whispered in my ear "what are you doing mate?" He said I whispered back "nothing"

After about five minutes we learned the girls name, it was Chloe, how sweet, then we took some photos just as we usually do, but this was different, there was just something about this girl that I loved, she had gorgeous big brown eyes and a cheeky, yet beautiful smile. I was falling for her and I think the other boys knew that. Niall whispered to me "hey mate, we know you like her, we'll make up an excuse so you 2 can be alone ok" I answer "ok, thanks mate"

Niall then said in front of both Chloe and the rest of the boys c,mon boys let's go find the other camera so we can take some better pics.

When they left, it was just me and Chloe. Alone.

"Hi Chloe" I said feeling stupid

"Hi" she answered back

I just had to do it, I had to bring up the staring at the concert.

"Look Chloe.....back at the concert....me...and the........weird staring............um...I'm really sorry for staring at you like I did.........I just haven't seen anyone like you before.......I think you are really beautiful"

I just came out and I couldn't help it. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything what if she already had a boyfriend oh no! I just blew it.. I thought

Chloe's P.O.V

"OMG" i thought, I can't believe he had just said those beautiful words TO ME!

"No really Harry, it's fine, to be honest, ......I enjoyed it" I giggled back, trying to be a bit flirty.

Harry's P.O.V

I was so Happy that she had accepted my apology and was even a bit flirty with me,

Next I asked her for her number

"Hey Chloe" I said "would you mind If I asked for your number?

Chloe's P.O.V


"Yeah sure" I said casually

Harry's P.O.V

Im so happy I got her phone number

Hey......so I'll call you then I said

Chloe's P.O.V

***After the meet and greet, after mum came and picked me up , at home***

I was so happy, like I couldn't even accept what had just happened. HARRY FRECKIN STYLES JUST ASKED FOR MY NUMBER!!!

That afternoon I was lying on my bed on twitter when I got a text from Harry, it said

Hey Chloe, it's Harry I just was wondering if maybe you wanted to go out sometime? :)

I answered the text and wrote

Sure, when :)

He wrote back

Maybe, say Friday afternoon, I'll come by your school and pick you up in my car and we can go get a coffee?

I wrote back

Yes, sure that would be great :)

He wrote back

Which school is it you go to?

I wrote back

North beach high :)

He wrote back

Ok ill c u then, I'll wait by the front gate :)

Harry's P.O.V

I was so Happy that we had a date set, even though it was just for coffee, It was a good start.

Chloe's P.O.V

I was happy that me Harry were going to go out, put the fame as side, he was such a sweet guy, I think I was falling for him.

I was also happy that Harry's last concert was mine so now he had an 10 week break

***skip school days till Harry and Chloe's date***

Friday afternoon was here and I was waiting for Harry at the front gate, there were people coming out of school everywhere and I realised that they were probs gunna see Harry pull up. I wasn't popular at school, I mean I didn't even have 1 friend, I didn't want Harry to think that I was a loser :(

About 2 minutes later, sure enough Harry was here in his sports car, he was wearing black skinny jeans, a navy blue shirt, and boots, I was just wearing a pair of denim shorts, a blue shirt which said NERD on it and a pair of white vans. he said hi to me and opened the car door letting me in, he was so sweet and polite. The kids at school were looking at us, they were jaw dropped, but we didn't have time for them, we then drove away.

We went into Starbucks but it was so crowded, so Harry said to me "would you like to see a movie instead of being here?"

He was so nice how he always put me first and always asked what I wanted.

"Yes that would be great" I said, so we went to the cinema, when we got there he asked "what would you like to watch?" I choose the new movie called "I miss you"

When we got our tickets we took went and took our seats.

Harry's P.O.V

I was happy that me and Chloe were together and that we were watching a film together.

Right about in the middle of the film I noticed Chloe's hand leaning on the chair, I was there for me to hold, but was it to soon, no. I went for it. I touch her hand and then held it, her skin was really soft. I liked it. About a minute later I noticed that she was shivering, so I offered her my coat. As we watched the movie, she fell asleep in my arms, I liked it. When the movie ended she woke up and rubbed her eyes.

Chloe's P.O.V

Omg I sleep though the movie, how embarrassing! Our first date and I fall asleep. Great. I fell asleep!! Now he probs thinks I'm boring and stupid. omg!

After Harry dropped me home I went right up to my room. About a minute or so later, I got a text from Harry, it said

Today was great babe, I enjoyed myself so much, we should do it again sometime :) Xx

Ok first he called me babe!!!! And what?!?! he wants to see me again, the boring girl who fell asleep during the movie. But I was so happy that me and Harry were going to see each other again.

I texted back

Sure, I would love to :)

Things were going well I thought.

Then I had to tell my mum and Dad about Harry

So at dinner that night I said "um........hey mum guess what happened today, I told mum and dad about Harry wanting my number at the meet and greet. Mum was happy for me, but dad, not so much, he barely knew who Harry was and he wanted to meet him right away. "Ok calm down dad" I said, "we've only been on 1 date" and "he's really nice" Dad said he wanted to meet him so he said I better set something up, like invite Harry over for dinner one night or something.

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