I Cant Fall In LOVE with Justin Bieber

Hi I'm Gabriella Gomez I'm 16 and my bestfriend is Kielanie (since i was a baby we have been friends) you might know my sister Selena Gomez one of the biggest celebrities. Anyways she is dating the most selfish popstar EVER!!! Justin Bieber but he is sort of hot but i promised myself to never date or like him (I'm actually a big fan of both of them) But for some reason when i see them together i get sort of mad but its not jealousy right? do i like him?

Keep reading and find out ;)


2. school and crush!! :)


**Waking up**

 Selena: Gabriella get up and take a shower time to get dressed and me and Kielanie are going to do a makeover to you!! 

Gabriella's Pov

i heard them but i faked like i was asleep cause i didn't like school everybody saw me as this ghetto chica which i was sort of but anyways i just didn't like school especially the people in it and you will find out sooner or later i heard someone come up the stairs so i closed my eyes when i felt a drip on me i opened my eyes quick


Selena: get ya ass up like i said while she said it she was laughing 

Kielanie:  go take a shower!! 

me: Fine!! UGH

they high fived and then left to Selena's room so they can pick out my clothes.

i went to the bathroom and striped when i looked in the mirror i hate my body  i had scars on my wrist but they were slowly fading away while i was in my thought when suddenly i heard someone say 

Kielanie: HURRY UP!!

Me: OK

i went in the shower and once the water it hit me i relaxed when i got out i put the towel over me and went to my bed when i saw the ugliest outfit ever im more a sweats person but this was a crop top and a skirt it was ok so i wore it. It looked cute it was this http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/f3/34/2c/f3342ce77cce489774f42d863520a4a8.jpg my hair was like this http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/SEW-W5TD4o8/hqdefault.jpg and when they were done with my make up it looked like this http://cdn.glamcheck.com/fashion/files/2013/10/Color-Blocking-Eye-Makeup.jpg when they were done i didn't look like me i looked pretty not that im not pretty its just i looked prettier 

Kielanie: H-O-T!! 

Selena: now this is my sister 

****Skip the car ride***


random guys came up to me and asked for my number but one caught my  eye his name was Austin Mahone i had the biggest crush on him this was finally the moment when he came up to me and...


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