I Cant Fall In LOVE with Justin Bieber

Hi I'm Gabriella Gomez I'm 16 and my bestfriend is Kielanie (since i was a baby we have been friends) you might know my sister Selena Gomez one of the biggest celebrities. Anyways she is dating the most selfish popstar EVER!!! Justin Bieber but he is sort of hot but i promised myself to never date or like him (I'm actually a big fan of both of them) But for some reason when i see them together i get sort of mad but its not jealousy right? do i like him?

Keep reading and find out ;)


3. OMG MY CRUSH!!! and life....


Gabriella's Pov 

Omg he is coming my way should i kept staring at him and smiling i guess he knew i was staring cause he came up to me 

(A= austin M=me S=selena J=justin K=kielanie Au= Aubree Mean bitch)

A: hey Gabi (its for short)

M: hey austin i said biting my bottom lip he just made me get butterflies out of know where 

A: um i was wondering if....

S: Hey lil sis im here to pick you up


Me: um yeah she is...

everyone crowded me the whole school knew that she was is my sister i ran in the bathroom and cried im never going to be normal now people are going to suck up to my ass just so they can hang out with my popstar sister Ugh i hate life..

J: hey Gabi u in there?

M: go away

J: why im trying to help you 

i opened the girls bathroom and when i did i fell to the floor and cried

        Justin's Pov 

i never seen her cry she just broke down i felt bad for her that shes never going to be normal so i just sat next to her and hugged he until 

Gabi: Let go of me i dont need know one to pitty on me im perfectly fine ok 

Me: ok..

and left but when i was going to open the door a girl ran in and hugged Gabi 

Kielanie: Omg i heard what happen are you ok? and the whole school is waiting outside the bathroom for u even aubree

gabi: Ugh Fuck my life now everybody is just going to mess with me and ask me questions about what is like to be a sister of a popstar 

Me: hey gabi im going to go so i can find your sister oh and stop being a bitch i understand you want to be normal but now your popular deal with it

Gabi: YOU know what FUCK YOU JUSTIN!! leave me alone i never asked for this shit!! she stormed out and ran 

i felt bad i had to be mean cause she doesnt know i like her and she cant know cause im dating her sister thats wrong.. 

 Kielanie's Pov 

when i heard them fight and when she left i was pissed at justin for calling my bestfriend a bitch when she has every right to be 

Me: i hope you happy justin just fuck off will you!!

Justin just looked at me then at the floor i guess he felt bad but when he looked up he smirked i couldnt take it anymore so i kicked him in the balls and went looking for Gabriella 

i ran everywhere and thats when i saw Aubree with Gabi 

Aubree: Omg ur my bestfriend now gabi 

Gabi: no the hell i aint i already got a bestfriend 

when she said that i smiled and ran to her and hugged her

Me: yeah and im that bestfriend so move along and find another one cause shes mine

Aubree: ugh whatever and she flipped her hair and walked away 

Gabi: thanks now can we go eat somewhere im hungry

Me: me too 

and we walked to mcdonalds 

***Skip walking and eating ***


when that whole incident happened i went to the house and went to bed she just needs to face the fact that shes not normal anymore i just wish she wasnt my sister its better for the both of us and i guess i said it out loud cause she heard me 

Me: Gabi i can explain

Gabi: no its fine.. i understand just leave me alone oh and im going to kielanie's

she had a tear roll down her eye and i just felt bad i didnt mean it when she left i went to bed and cried i lost my sister 

justin came and we had sex to calm me down and boy was he good he was getting dressed while i laid in my bed 

Justin: im going to go i have to go to the studio tomorrow

Me: ok bye

Justin: bye


hey thank you if you like it i know im not the best at this but im trying :)  

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