I Cant Fall In LOVE with Justin Bieber

Hi I'm Gabriella Gomez I'm 16 and my bestfriend is Kielanie (since i was a baby we have been friends) you might know my sister Selena Gomez one of the biggest celebrities. Anyways she is dating the most selfish popstar EVER!!! Justin Bieber but he is sort of hot but i promised myself to never date or like him (I'm actually a big fan of both of them) But for some reason when i see them together i get sort of mad but its not jealousy right? do i like him?

Keep reading and find out ;)


4. just thinking.....

Gabriella's Pov

when i heard Selena MY SISTER say that she wishes i wasnt her sister it just confused me more like does she even care? i told her and my mom i was going to kielanie's but really i wasnt i didnt know where to go cause i know tomorrow they will go there and try to take me home but i think i dont want to go home or nothing so im just going to go to my clubhouse i used to go to when im down it was me and selena's little secret but i guess it wasnt a secret when i opened it their stood a boy i wasnt hoping to see..

 there he sat in a bean bag and was just staring at the sunset buy the clubhouse window i didnt want him to know i was here so i was about to leave when i almost tripped but i guess he heard me and he  stopped me from falling.

(J=Justin M=Me)

J: what are you doing here? 

M: well what are you doing here this is sort of my clubhouse

J: oh.. i didnt know 

M: its fine ill leave

J: no stay...its fine 

M: ok... 

i looked at the sunset and i was trying so hard not to stare at his face cause i could tell at the corner of my eye he was staring at me

M: isn't it beautiful?

J: yeah

J: can i ask you something

M: umm honestly no but im going to be nice so make this question count

J: what are u doing here when its freezing and dark out?

M: well....long story

J: i got time (he smirked when he said it) 

M: i went home from all the drama when i heard my sister say she wished we weren't sisters so it was better for both of us and after all this shit i didnt want to hear that cause she is sort of the only family i have besides Kielanie cause my mom never has time for me while my dad died but i never told anyone and at school u made me mad so i guess today wasn't the best and thats why im here

J: well im sorry to hear that and im sorry i made you mad its just u arent normal face it

M: i guess i just dont want to get to popular cause that isn't me  

J: tru

suddenly we hear stuff down from the clubhouse when i looked down there it was the face that made me blush him..

           Justin's Pov

she was blushing was it because of me? she looked to hot and i like her a lot wait what  the hell shut up justin your dating her sister but anyways i noticed she wasnt blushing because of me it was because of....Austin 

gabi: hey austin she gave him a hug and his hands were on her waist

Austin; hey gabi are you ok? 

Gabi: yea i was just leaving you want to walk with me

Austin; sure 

Me: umm gabi we have to take you home cause u know....

Gabi: no u can go home and hang out with my sister 

Austin: we can go next time bye gabi 

when he leaned in and also gabi did i couldnt take it i grabbed her wrist and took her in my car 

Gabi: what the hell Justin?!?!?!

Me:.....he's not right for u  

Gabi: who the fuck are you to tell me who's right for me and who isn't?

if she just knew i liked her but i cant tell her but i was just jealous  her lips should be mine SHE should be MINE when we got there i took gabi in her house and before i left i..........kissed her

we kissed it was perfect i had butterflies but when she pulled back she had a tear come down 


Me: i just couldnt control myself 

Gabi: well your dating my sister please leave 

right when i was about to leave i turned around and said Me: just so u know i felt something and i know you did too 


hey guys i updated and ill update tomorrow or the next day but thanks and i hope you like it 

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