I Cant Fall In LOVE with Justin Bieber

Hi I'm Gabriella Gomez I'm 16 and my bestfriend is Kielanie (since i was a baby we have been friends) you might know my sister Selena Gomez one of the biggest celebrities. Anyways she is dating the most selfish popstar EVER!!! Justin Bieber but he is sort of hot but i promised myself to never date or like him (I'm actually a big fan of both of them) But for some reason when i see them together i get sort of mad but its not jealousy right? do i like him?

Keep reading and find out ;)


1. about gabriella and the others (READ TOO)



Hey, I'm Gabriella I'm 16 and i live in California  and i'm Latina ;) I have black long wavy hair with light blue eyes (i can sing but i don't tell know one). Oh and how can i forget my sister is Selena Gomez (sarcastic). I love my sister and everything but she has changed a lot since she became a celebrity and she has this hot boyfriend but he is selfish and he flirts a lot and his name is Justin Bieber most of u guys are like OMG Justin Bieber comes to your house well he doesn't for me but for my sister but i hate him he acts like he is so freaking irresistible but trust me hunny he is. Now about my best friend she awesome i love her to death shes been there for me a lot she has long straight dark hair and has pretty brown eyes and she can dance she knows all my secrets and we call each other twins cause we sort of look alike.


Sorry for the big paragraphs and plzz no hate comment i just started doing movella's so thanks if u like it  

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