Bad romance

Danny is the bad boy in school but despite his attitude directed to authority he meets Mrs. Kent, the new principle. She is clumsy,nerdy,and lonely. But what happens when Danny falls for her?


2. Who the hell are you?

Because of the little scene that i have made in the hall way in front of everybody, I was sent to the office and i could care less about that. "Danny please come into my office" the voice coming out of the office was unknown but it was the sweetest sound i have ever heard. Her voice was unreadable and almost nervous plus a little mousy. I walked into the room not knowing what to expect, i was shocked. I knew this was going to be a problem once i saw the new principle, she was messy looking but in a hot way. I wanted to bend her over the desk and do her from behind, only if i knew how. "Hello...OH MY GOD!!" She caught me off guard with her scream as i looked down only to see my boner coming in to view. "Im so sorry" i tell her as i try to make it disappear but it would not go down but thank god i had a coat i could hide it with. "No im sorry i really should not be looking there anyway." I could see her cheeks turn a deep red as she tried not to take a second look.

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