Bad romance

Danny is the bad boy in school but despite his attitude directed to authority he meets Mrs. Kent, the new principle. She is clumsy,nerdy,and lonely. But what happens when Danny falls for her?


3. mrs.kent's P.O.V

I try very hard not to look at Danny's hard on and i could feel my cheeks turn fiery red, and my panties grow incredibly wet.

"Im so sorry..." He stops me and locks the door

"What are you doing young man? Open that door!"

"Now i can't do that mrs.kent" the way he said my name made my panties even more wet then before.

"Oh? And why not mr.Dare?"

"Well knowing that you have seen my big erection i don't think it would be fair for you to miss out on what it feels like inside you." Danny's dirty words give me chills and makes my hair stand up.

Danny pins me on the wall and kisses my neck as i tug on his hair slightly, until a slight moan leaves his lips. Danny then stops and walks out the door leaving me wanting more, he looks back and smiles.

"Don't worry i'll be back." He says with a grin and walks out. And i can't wait until he comes back.

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