Bad romance

Danny is the bad boy in school but despite his attitude directed to authority he meets Mrs. Kent, the new principle. She is clumsy,nerdy,and lonely. But what happens when Danny falls for her?


4. Danny's POV

I know what i did to mrs. Kent was wrong but i could tell she wanted it. I could tell by the way she fought the urge to take a second look at my HUGE boner. I just wanted her once i saw her and i know that she wants me. Her shivers made me shiver, her moan made me moan, and her voice was like angels singing. I want her to be mine and i want to feel her wrap around my length.

Danny's thoughts

"When i get to school tomorrow i have to get in trouble! I just have to get caught,i think i fell for her once i heard her voice and saw that Beautiful face. I just know i have to screw her then spend some more time with her."

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