Bad romance

Danny is the bad boy in school but despite his attitude directed to authority he meets Mrs. Kent, the new principle. She is clumsy,nerdy,and lonely. But what happens when Danny falls for her?


1. Danny's P.O.V

Im a bad boy, im not stupid. I know that my actions have consequences but i dont really give a shit about the consequences because i know that i will always get away with it. I walk into school with my casual black jacket, white v-neck, jeans, and blake boots. Then Cassie walks up to me, she's my girlfriend but i think i might just end it because she is such a bitch all the time. "Hey babe!" She says with a smile. I put on a fake smile and gave her a hug. "Lets skip class and go to the teachers lounge" i have been trying to get her to do me for a while now but only because being a bad boy means you cant be a virgin. "No i told you millions of times that i dont want to have sex!" She had those evil eyes that just screamed get the fuck away from me. "Well screw you bitch! We are done!"

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