The House In The Woods


3. Chapter 3-Breakfast

It was the next morning and the kids were already awake and running around the house downstairs. Diane opened her eyes slowly as the rays from the warm sun came through the window and touched her face. She smiled and thought to herself how wonderful it felt to be back home again in the house in which she grew up. Diane rolled over to face Jack and she caressed his cheek as he slept and said with a slight smile, "I love you so mean everything to me and always will."

As she continued to caress his cheek, Jack popped his eyes open and said loudly, "AWW I LOVE YOU TOO!" and pulled her arms under the blankets to wrap her up tightly and started kissing her neck while making snarling animal noises to try and tickle her. They both were laughing loudly as the kids came flying through the door and jumped on the bed bouncing around.

"Guess what, guess what, guess what!!" said Scotty all excitable.

As they both sat up in the bed, Jack and Diane said together in sync," What, what, what!"

"Nana's got millions of pancakes cooked and bacon and sausage and syrup and toast!"

"Yeah, and she also has this pretty colored thing with flowers in them on the table." Penny said with a big grin.

"Well go on with your sister downstairs and start eating, me and your mom will be down shortly."

The kids ran out the door while Jack and Diane shortly followed after making the bed. When they got downstairs they saw Rhonda finishing up putting the last bit of bacon on the table. Ted was already sitting at the end of the table in his green robe with a plate and cup of oj waiting on everyone else to get seated.

"Well good morning you two, get some of this yummy goodness before the kids eat it all like vacuum cleaners!"

Jack sat next to Ted and started piling the pancakes and sausage on his plate.

"Sounds good to me there Ted, I'm ready!"

Diane was pouring herself a cup of milk and offered some to her mum.

"No thank you, I got my coffee and got the kids already set up too. So, are you two going to go on your little house hunt after you're done eating? Diane, you know the back roads you use to travel on, I've seen a ton through there for sale if you want to check them out. "

"Yup, we'll get ready after we eat and head on out in that direction, and thanks for the wonderful breakfast and for watching the kids."

"Oh not a problem at all, and of course it's wonderful did you expect less?" said Rhonda while laughing.

Diane giggled," Of course not, where do you think I learned it from?!"

After a while of reminiscing and chit chatting together, Jack and Diane went upstairs, got dressed, kissed the kids goodbye and headed on out to the car to begin their search.

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