The House In The Woods


2. Chapter 2-Watertown, TN

After being in the truck for what seemed like forever, they finally made it to Rhonda's house, Diane's mother, around 8:00pm. Jack and Diane got out of the truck and each grabbed one of their sleeping kids and walked up to the front door. As Jack was just about to knock, the door opened and Rhonda rushed towards them arms wide open and hugged all four of them at the same time.

"Diane! Jack! Kids! OMG! I'm so glad to see you all! I'm so happy you decided to move down here. Everyone's so much nicer and hospitable here and you'll love the scenery; come on in and I'll help u with your bags. "

The family walked inside the house and as Diane looked around she saw it looked exactly as it did when she still lived at home which made her feel so warm and happy inside.

"Mum I've missed you so much, where's dad, is he working?"

"Yeah he'll be home probably around 10:00 pm tonight."

"Where should we put the kids so they can sleep Rhonda?" said Jack as he made his way to the living room.

"Diane, show Jack where to go; let the kids sleep in your old room and you two can take the guest bedroom across the hall from the kids. Once you get them settled come on back down and I'll be getting some coffee going."

Jack and Diane both started walking upstairs still carrying the kids and trying to walk as softly as they could so they wouldn't wake them up. Once they made it to the top, they went into the room straight ahead and carefully laid both kids down in the bed. Jack took the kids' shoes off and set them in the corner as Diane tucked them in.

Diane wrapped her arms around Jack's waist and said, "There, they'll sleep good tonight. Come on Jack, let's go downstairs and relax now and chit chat with mum for a while. I love you sweetheart."

"I love you too darling, you're my everything," Jack said as he kissed Diane's forehead.

They made their way downstairs and back into the kitchen where they found Rhonda sitting at the table with a big smile on her face and in front of her sat two mugs and a bottle of diet Mountain Dew.

"Awww Rhonda, you remembered," said Jack in a playfully sarcastic way.

"Oh but of course! You expected me to forget you only drink dew? Haha yeah right, have a seat you two; and Diane I made you a big mug of hot tea."

"Well thanks mum, my fave not to mention I could really use some now! So, how have things been here with the family?"

"Oh things have been really good with everyone. Your brother Sam is still into the bull riding and Luke's a professional Chef at some fancy restaurant; both of them are doing so well."

Jack took a sip of his dew and said to Rhonda with a smile,"So, have u seen any good homes for sale around here anywhere? The faster we find one the faster we can get out of your hair ya know."

"Oh Jack, you know none of yal are a bother to me and yes actually I have seen some for sale signs around this area. You two should take a drive tomorrow and enjoy yourselves while house hunting and let me watch the kids; we'll all have a good time."

It was now half past ten and Diane's dad, Ted, walked in. As soon as he came through the front door he had a huge smile in his face and hugged both Diane and Jack.

"Ah you've made it in just fine I see. I'm assuming the kids are upstairs in bed?"

"Yup, they were sleeping when we pulled up so I figured just let them sleep so they won't be crabby tomorrow. Oh Jack, don't forget to park the trailer under the carport incase it rains."

"I'll go on and do that now hun."

Rhonda got up from her chair, hugged and kissed Ted's cheek and said,"Honey, want me to heat you up some leftovers?"

"Oh please and thank you, I'm starving."

Diane got up from her chair, put her mug in the dishwasher and while making her rounds to say goodnight to her mom and dad she said to Rhonda,"Mum thank you for offering to watch the kids tomorrow, it will be nice for just me and Jack to drive around looking for our new house."

"No problem, I'd be more than glad to. When Jack gets back in why don't you two go on and get you some sleep?"

"Yeah, we need our sleep cause we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow. Goodnight I love you both."

Diane's parents said goodnight to her and she made her way outside to where Jack was.

"Do you need help with anything sweetie?"

"No darlin' I was just parking the trailer under this carport. Let's go on upstairs and get us some sleep."

Jack followed Diane back into the house and upstairs to the guest bedroom. They both changed into their pj's, crawled into bed and kissed each other goodnight; and both fell asleep within minutes while holding onto one another close.

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